Lightweight pushchair

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Hi, I am hoping someone would be able to recommend a good pushchair. I already have one (it was originally the pram but changes into a pushchair) but I find it quite bulky. I am ideally looking for one with a cosy toes included. My baby is nearly 9 months. Thanks.


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    Try looking at any of the Maclarens. Which one would depend on how important it is for your DD to sleep flat in the buggy.
  • I've got a Chicco Winter London and I love it (DS doesn't seem to mind it either! lol). It came with cozy toes and its an umbrella folding type. The handles are nice and high so it suits me at 5 foot 3 and hubby at 6 foot 3. I had a pram into pushchair style but it didn't fold up very small and was damn heavy!
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    My friends sister got this one because it was so light. She drives so wanted something she could manage by herself. I had 'a go' of the pram because of the talk of it being so light and you can practically lift it with one finger!
    She got a cosy toes and bad etc with it. It now says free accessories pack but does not mention what it is.
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    At 9 months, I think you can use any stroller - the ones that lie completely flat are from 0 months and 3 months onwards. We use a Maclaren stroller. I can't remember the model name but the design/pattern is Lulu Guinness This Is The Life. It's way lighter than our Graco was. I can actually park in a multi-storey car park, pop baby in a sling and carry the stroller over my shoulder (there is a carry strap) down a few flights of stairs (saves waiting for the lift, which takes ages). Having said that, I believe most strollers are pretty light compared with prams or travel systems so it shouldn't matter which one you pick - just check it fits in the car, etc!
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    I would definately reccomend a maclaren i went through countless cheap buggies with my son and vowed never to do it again. I bought a maclaren when my daughter was 9 months old, she is 2 and a half now and it is still going strong and i walk for miles every day with shopping!
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  • I also had a mclarens, at my mums (which i found great) But i also had a red one from Toys r us- cant remember what the model was called (something is telling me zoom or something similar!) the one from toys r us was about 40 ish pounds- came with a rain hood, and cosy toes, it was lightweight & i found it really good!
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    i vote for a maclaren too!
    excellant buggy.. i used mine till recently and its still going strong at grandma's for the cousins..
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    I have a toys r us Zen and it comes with raincover, footmuff and sun parasol. It is very light, lies flat and my daughter really likes it - she's just two and it is the only one she has sat in and not slumped!

    Brill pushchair x x
  • thanks everyone for the advice, does anyone know where is the cheapest place to buy a maclaren pushchair?
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    have a look on The website is fairly rubbish at the moment, but if you persist :rolleyes: they have 20% off some buggies, including maclarens, and probably there is a discount code on the other board

    £51.99 for a volo (no recline at all)
    £63.99 for a triumph
    £87.99 for a quest mod
    £108 for a quest lulu guinness
    £143.99 for a techno xlr
    £180 for a 4 seasons
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