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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • frugalswanfrugalswan Forumite
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    Just had my first purchase for the month - £2.14 on some eggs, garlic and milk. The first main shop of the month will take place tomorrow night *feels a bit nervous*
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
  • put me down for £120 this month thanks
  • Moniker-Would you mind sharing your marmalade recipe? OB has got very excited about making his own. Thanks SFT
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  • annie123annie123 Forumite
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    Just done first spend of my month £36 never been so low, sure it will become evident quickly what major things I forgot:rolleyes:

    Have noticed with DD (18) away at bf there is less washing up/mess/cost/noise.
    bliss:j :j :j and I can get on the computer:D

    off to update signature....
  • ChellChell Forumite
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    Any ideas what I can do with runny jam? I attempted to make strawberry jam a few weeks ago but I couldn't get it to set. It is a bit too runny for using on toast. I made a jam sponge pudding with some a couple of weeks ago but it is too hot to want to eat that sort of thing just now.
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  • sproggisproggi Forumite
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    Maybe you could use some as sauce for ice cream
    blend a little with milk for a milk shake

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  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    13 pages already??????? :eek:

    It's impossible for me to keep up but I'm still taking part, although that won't be until 1st August, as I'm a first 'til last of month budgeter :)

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL and a special thanks for the recipes index AN - that is such a help! :T

    Runny Jam - use for the base of speedy jam sponges. Really easy to make if you have a microwave and can be substituted with almost anything else you have when the jam runs out - syrup is our fave!

    Equal amounts of sugar, margarine and self-raising flour plus an egg (I use about 100g of each)
    Mix the ingredients together - I just blitz them with electric mixer adding flour slowly so the egg doesn't curdle. Grease a microwaveable bowl, pour in a layer of jam (or syrup or fruit etc), add the sponge mix on top and stick in microwave on full power for about 6 minutes (or until sponge is cooked). Carefully tip out onto a plate so the jam or syrup can trickle down the sides of the sponge, cut into portions and serve immediately.
    One serving can easily soak up half a pint of milk and the above is enough to serve 3 (although it's meant to be 4 :o )
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  • Hi Everyone!
    Picked up the 6 pints of milk for 1.99 at Netto-Thanks for that great post!
    Also 4 tins of Branston Baked Beans are 99p so picked up 2 lots.

    Went to Lidl for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Mozzarella cheese for Sainsburys feed family for a fiver recipe: Tasty Pasta Bake. Hope it turns out ok and more importantly that it will provide a couple of meals.

    Oh and I bought a field guide (bird book) about Costa Rican Birds-for OB to give me for Christmas. Had a sneeky peep inside at the toucans and am so excited, feels like I'm one step closer to the dream..
    Thanks Bails for your message..I need to keep up the motivation.. I feel a little distracted this month...
    :cool: Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
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  • angelnikkiangelnikki Forumite
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    Hi :hello:
    Just had my last delivery for July. Came under budget by £18.66 :j

    I would have been under by more but because I knew I was gonna be under budget, I bought a few extra things so I could start August with a well stocked freezer. :cool: So I've got:

    500g beef steak mince x2 6 meals
    500g lamb mince 3 meals
    500g pork mince 3 meals
    6 finest pork sausages 3 meals
    10 pork chops (£5) 5 meals
    cooking bacon 1 meal
    12 chicken breasts 6 meals
    southern fried chicken (£1) 1 meal
    chicken burgers (£1) 1 meal
    8 salmon fillets (£5) 4 meals
    6 cod portions 3 meals
    20 fish fingers (£1.50) 2 meals
    6 veggie sausages (89p) 2 meals

    Total 40 meals (for 3) :o

    So I shouldn't need to buy any meat at all for August and half of september. I've also got enough pasta, rice, flour, etc for at least 3 months. :D So should have a good month GC wise this month. hopefully

    My HM BNS soup & HM bread tonight was really yummy - had to get myself some more bread to have with it though cos it was sooo good :p

    Take care everyone :)

    Nikki x
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    Evening folks

    Have just posted this recipe on the weight loss thread -so thought it only fair to share it so i have copied it over ;)

    Evening all

    Now then ladies -avert your eyes if you are of a weak disposition where choccy is concerned , cos im about to post a recipe..but im not taking the blame for anyone making it and eating it all :rotfl:

    makes 12
    140 cals 5.5g fat 1.9g sat fat
    Preheat oven to 180/350/gas 4
    1. 50g plain choc -i used the 70% one with pieces of raspbery in i got earlier :D
    2. 100g low fat spread
    3. 1/2tsp vanilla extract
    4. 4 tbs cranberry sauce
    5. 2 eggs
    6. 150g caster sugar
    7. 40g SR flour
    8. pinch salt
    • Melt 1+2 in a heavy based pan over a gentle heat, stirring until smooth -remove
    • in a bowl beat 3-6
    • pour in the choc mix, 7+8 an stir until combined -don't over work
    • place in a lined 21cm square tin
    • bake for 15-20 mins
    • a cocktail stick should come out sticky when done
    • allow to cool and cut into 12
    It says that to vary it you can omit the cranberry sauce and add 25g chopped nuts -so i used walnuts and add a bit of fruit -so i added 25g dried cranberries....
    I bet you could also replace the cranberry sauce with apple sauce ;)
    Instead of baking in a tin I spooned it into muffin papers (helps with portion control ;) )and when baked they came about 2/3 of the way up...

    Anyway i have tried them and nommy nommy nom nom :p and im not even that bothered about choc now days -but they are really nice -only had 1 mind :A :rotfl: the rest are going in the freezer in the morning ;) ooh and i still have the other 75g of the bar of choc :A i have stuffed it in the baking cupboard for the next lot :D

    Thanks Bails.... im getting there.... whilst still eating lots of yummy good stuff :j
    I think you should be allright with aubergines.. my mum is growing them in her green house, mine are outdoors but its only recently got really hot -so the 1st one made it through allsorts of weather :T they are hungry feeders though ;) Im planning on having more than 1 plant next year -now i have tested they grow ok... i think i have about another 12 flowers that should produce fruit -fingers crossed

    Right i will get off again
    have a great evening all
    -6 -8 -3 -1.5 -2.5 -3 -1.5-3.5
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