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Been waiting 4 days for them to answer a mail.
Emailed them to amend an order that system wouldn't let me amend, order was then shipped 36 hours later...
Emailed them again yesterday to try to get something sorted out..
Still waiting!
Looks like I'll have to send back and reorder :'(

not a happy amazon customer, and it was my first order with them.....................


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    15 seconds with Google found: have a customer services number, 0800 2796620 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00)
  • 15 seconds with Google found: have a customer services number, 0800 2796620 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00)

    Must've spent an hour on amazon site looking for that..
    Thank you
  • I won't use amazon anymore. Trying to find their contact details on their site is next to impossible. These should be clearly displayed as should their address.

    I have ordered items from them in the past and I have always come across problems. Trying to get a refund out of them for faulty goods is like the proverbial blood & stone. Take your money elsewhere!!!
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    It's a shame they screwed up your first order - Ive been using them for well over 2 years and always had excellent service...

    I just pop in now and then.... :)
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    I've used them many times without a problem.....however last xmas they duplicated my order. I was only charged once.
    I found it totally impossible to send the duplicate back(feeling very honest!) They keep their contact details secret!

    Eventually I did manage to get through to a human...they sent a courier to collect it.....(MP3 player) and four weeks later my bank account was refunded!! lol
    x x x
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    I have been using Amazon for several years and never had a problem with the orders (apart from once when I ordered a book that was not yet in print which caused rest of my order to be delayed ... my fault).

    To be fair I think what you are describing is an inherent fault with many automated order entry systems. Computers just get ploughing on with their work regardless. One other thing to consider, you know how much spam you get ... I wonder how much amazon gets to its email addresses ?

    Don't waste time on other peoples first world problems
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    Yeah, I think this is a rare occurance, I have shopped with Amazon many times and not had a problem. Last week I sent them an email using the form on their site and got a reply within 2 hours. They even refunded the difference when the price of an item I bought went down significantly a few days after I ordered...
    student100 hasn't been a student since 2007...
  • Thanks to the poster who listed the phone number ;D 8)

    Got through to a nice chap today, couldn't actually find what i was talking about, asked me to browse and call back.

    2 minutes later, he called me back (thats a first for me, any customer service rep calling back unprovoked!) said found it, but couldn't add to already despatched order.. Obviously a little miffed as I wanted to amend prior to order despatch.

    Anyway, got another call an hour later, saying he's sorted it all out, and items would be despatched FOC, no rproblems.

    Very happy now, got what i wanted from the start, and customer serive is tops, once they start talking to you!
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    I'm glad you are happy: we've ordered a lot from Amazon and always been very happy.
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    My husband had a problem with Amazon just yesterday!

    He had ordered me the x-Files series 2 box set, to go with my others (just missing 2, 3 and 9). There are three different types of packaging now for these things and he wanted the ones to match, which is what he thought he ordered from the description on Amazon but when they arrived completely different!

    So, he logged onto their website to arrange to send it back but it doesnt give you the option in reason for return to select "incorrect packaging" or anything like that.

    So, he's now got to send it back and try and find a set on ebay that matches what I already have.... >:(

    I just pop in now and then.... :)
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