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'Dragons' Den: is it now a self-fulfilling prophecy?' blog discussion - Page 2

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'Dragons' Den: is it now a self-fulfilling prophecy?' blog discussion

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  • superscapersuperscaper Forumite
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    Esqulax wrote: »
    I wonder though, if someone had a good product on dragons den, but was snuffed for various reasons (e.g. the tattoo removal treatment), would that have an effect on other non-dragon investors.. like "Woah, those guys a mega MEGa rich and diddnt invest... why should i?"
    So.. could DD be responsible for BAD press?

    I suppose it could work like that. It's all pretty much edited in a certain way so the contestants are represented in the way the producers want the presented. A company I consulted for were filmed in front of the dragons for over two hours. TV time was about 10-15 minutes. That kind of difference you can edit it into pretty much any style and slant you want.
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  • BeateBeate Forumite
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    Levi Roots is an exception, not the norm. He hadn't got a clue about his figures but his charisma somehow won the dragons over and I am sure they made big money out of him - something which is not guaranteed with just bringing a new sauce out, however original it might be.

    Hamfatter is an investment like any other - you get a cut of the royalties and album sales so you want the band to do well. Their mere appearance on the show and giving them enough screen time will help already. Advertising and making them known is the driving force to a band's success - after all, everyone has different musical taste so the key is to reach out to as many people as possible.
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  • JasonLVCJasonLVC Forumite
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    [quote=MSE Martin;12724471
    This did make me smile :). I'm not sure they jumped the shark with Hamfatter, now if Peter Jones had said "I'll invest as long as I can become lead singer" that would've been jumping the shark.

    Mark my words, the "Attention Junkie Jones" will be in their video or appear as a microdot on their album sleevework or something, he'll not be able to pass this opportunity by I'm sure;) .

    But fair point, it IS entertaining and I'll still be watching.
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  • arisaris Forumite
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    With regard to Levi Roots - I read an article on this. Peter Jones invested and called up his mate Justin King - MD of Sainsburys - and made a killing off the back of the publicity they got for free from Dragons Den (actually worse, I helped pay for it with my license fee). I somehow doubt the product would have sold at all if it were not for Dragons Den.

    I should write to the BBC to find out how I can invest in a company which gets such good free advertising.
  • Sally87Sally87 Forumite
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    Esqulax wrote: »
    So.. could DD be responsible for BAD press?

    Also, when they take what at first glance looks like a good product (that you might easily impulse-buy) and point out all the bad points; and I know I've certainly been put off the thought of buying some things if they did appear in the shops, just by hearing the difference between the manufacturing price and the sale price! :eek:
  • superscapersuperscaper Forumite
    13.4K posts
    Sally87 wrote: »
    just by hearing the difference between the manufacturing price and the sale price! :eek:

    Don't think that a large difference in manufacturing and retail price means there's a huge profit (certainly not for the manufacturer/owner/inventor). From the "inside" I can say that it's not unusual for there to be a 75% difference but that 75% is purely what the retailer adds on (how profitable they are is their business but you're not factoring in distribution and overhead costs probably). None of that 75% "comes" back to the manufacturer. In fact the manufacturer's profit margins may be very small. In the case of the company I consulted for they did sell direct as well but those sales are so low volume (even with offering unique, extra and bespoke additions) that it's not that profitable. All the profit comes from large orders from the retailers. If you think these costings are unique to items featured on Dragon's Den then think again. It's standard practice. Sure some make a lot of profit but then others go out of business and in many cases its out of the manufacturers' hands because they're already cutting their profit margins to a minimum. (Especially if you want things made in the UK, now THAT'S a large difference compared to somewhere like China, pence instead of pounds per item made).
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  • RabbitMadRabbitMad Forumite
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    Not a big thing but for somebody supposedly good with numbers Martin has slightly exagerated the viewing audience of DD.

    Monday's show got 3.4 million not 6 million (and I doubt GMTV gets the 6 million he quoted)
  • jezebeljezebel Forumite
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    Am I the only one thinking there is a great spin-off idea in Martin's Blog - I'd love to watch Fluffy Bunnies' Den!
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  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    I just read duncan bannatynes biography.He said that only about one of the deals shown on dd actually came to fruition.Often due to technicalities.
  • Sally87Sally87 Forumite
    54 posts
    If you think these costings are unique to items featured on Dragon's Den then think again.

    Wow, I really didn't say that. I'm also not stupid - they often say the prices for the item being made, the price they sell it to the shop and the price the shop sells it at. There is quite a large difference between the first 2 at times as well. What percentage the inventor gets out of the profit has nothing to do with whether i buy the product or not, which is what I was talking about.
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