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I've been Money Tipped!
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with all the scams that go on, credit card fraud etc I thought I would mention that getting a crosscut shredder would be a wise purchase. You can pick them up pretty cheaply.

I got one after I received in the mail a letter from a debt collecting agency in Leeds requesting payment of a debt incurred on a topshop account opened by someone who had stolen my ID. Thankfully, all it took for me to sort it out was a phonecall. I also checked up my Equifax and Experian files to ensure that everything was in order. They had used my name and an old works address, and the works address began forwarding all this mail to me at my home address, obviously to do with accounts opened up in my name.

Shred anything at all with personal details on it.

Junk mail, check through catalogues as a lot of them sometimes have your name and address printed on order forms in the centre of the catalogue.

Labels from medicines which usually have name and address on etc.

Any bank account statements, mini ones from the cashpoint, don't discard them like a sweet wrapper.

Take your name off mailing lists by sending your details to the Mailing Preference service, unsure of the website but I'm sure you'd find the info on Google somewhere. It'll cut down on your junk mail for a while. It can be useful to get junk mail as you may actually get sent something you are interested in but you also have to be careful when you bin stuff off, in case your name and address details are on it.

I'm very careful now of what I put in household rubbish, so I've become a bit of a shredder maniac.

Be careful!!!
“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” - Oscar Wilde


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