July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Morning all. Had to update my sig for today's spends, although I did have a NSD yesterday. We bought a nice packet of meat in the market today that had a beef joint, lamb joint, 6 lamb chops, 4 pork chops, and 4 steaks for £20. The joints were quite large and looked excellent, and the steaks were absolutely huge! So DH & I were pleased. We priced it up separately and it was £34 worth of meat, so that's good. We normally buy meat at the supermarket, but have been venturing to the market and butchers to see if it's better quality and have been happy with it so far. Plus it's nice to support local smaller businesses, IMO.
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    Yup I just calculated that I'd have £10.70ish to spend per day, so if I want to do or buy something extra as part of the grocery budget e.g a meal out at the local 2 for 1 (cost approx £18) then I have to do 2 NSD and live out of the cupboards and freezer.

    Just updated siggy and have £64.32 left to last the next 10 days :eek: which works out at £6.43 per day, however I want to get paint for the hall that costs just short of £20 and I said I'd pay for it out of this months GC budget as part of the bit I save (except I haven't been as frugal for the first part of the month as I should have been doh!) still if I subtract the £20 from what I have left then I have £4.43 per day, if I go every other day I have £8.86 etc. Don't mean to bore peeps, just thought it would help me figure it out if I typed it out. I'll try it for the rest of this month and see what happens and will try it properly from next pay day. I can certainly see the logic, so DH will be pleased.

    Forgot to mention earlier that I'd bought a proper yorkshire pudding tin and last night made the yorkies for tea in those, instead of a flat cake like thing, they came out all puffed up and like they should be, I was so impressed I took a photo lol! Looking forward to harvesting some veggies from the garden this weekend, not sure if the cabbages are big enough yet, first time we've grown them, they look good, but I think they need leaving a bit longer, anyone know how big they're supposed to get???
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    good morning again


    Can't wait until my toms ripen in the garden - we have loads but all remaining green - no hint of redness yet :-( First courgette is a few days away from being big enough :-)) And we have loads of lettuce - can't keep up with it so keep giving it away! Must freeze coriander before it flowers/ bolts - loads of it atm. Teeny-tiny peppers and chillis are just beginning to grow too - yeay!

    I have the same problem waiting for everything to ripen but they will sooner

    or later ,,, fingers crossed,,,

    Thanks Denise for that ((((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))))

    see ya later
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    HI all

    JUst wondering if all the recipes from people go on to the list at the begenning of all the pages. Does that make sence.
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    hi everyone.

    quick question please!

    i have a basil plant that looks like its on its last legs (not very good with plants :D ) whats the easiest and cheapest way to make a good pesto?

    and how long does it keep?

    thankyou in advance!

    (also any opinions on breadmakers - makes/ models/ features/ prices?)
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    Hi all

    can some one tell me, all the recipes that we post here, do they all end up in the recipe list at the begenning of the thread.
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    cammumof3 wrote: »

    Photos of my peas, hope it works.

    Wow, they're massive, well done... Loved the photos, by the way, the flower is a Rhododendron.
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    Hi Everyone

    Just spent about 20 mins typing up recipes only to be told I wasn’t properly logged in!! Hey ho – I will learn (to check if I can post).
    Have updated my sig and today should be an NSD as was yesterday.
    Thanks to:

    Denise – for tip about finding posts
    Herbaholic – for info about herbs – any idea why both my rosemary plants in tubs have been looking yellow all summer. One’s prostrate, one’s upright. They’re not overwatered.

    Here’s the promised recipes:

    Apple Delight

    2lbs cooking apples (or granny smiths)
    8oz sr flour
    7 oz porridge oats
    5 ozs Demerara sugar
    5 oz granulated sugar
    8oz raisins
    2 oz finely chopped crystallized ginger
    5 oz marg
    Pinch salt

    Grease and flour a 10” x 10” roasting tin.
    Rub marg into flour and salt
    Add oats and dem sugar and sprinkle half on to bottom of roasting tin
    Peel and core apples, chop finely and add half to tin
    Sprinkle on half the gran sugar then half the raisins and ginger
    Repeat the apple/sugar/raisins/ginger layers
    Add remainder of oats mix and press down
    Bake for 50-60 mins – elec. 180 elec./gas mark 4
    Serve hot with custard or cream, or eat cold

    Ginger Raisin Crunches

    8 oz ginger nuts
    3 oz raisins
    2 tbsps golden syrup
    2 oz butter or marg
    1 oz chopped walnuts
    Little castor or sieved icing sugar

    Crush ginger nuts into fairly coarse crumbs
    Heat syrup and butter, add raisins while hot
    Stir on to crumbs, adding chopped nuts
    Press into an oblong cake tin or round 8” shallow cake tin
    Leave in a cool place until firm.
    Cut into fingers and dust with sugar
    Flaky Bars

    4 oz butter or marg
    2 oz crushed corn flakes
    4 oz flour (plain or sr)
    3 oz desiccated coconut
    1 oz castor sugar

    Melt butter in saucepan over a low heat
    Add to dry ingredients
    Mix well and spread and press into a well-greased 12” x 9” tin
    Bake at 180/gas mark 4 or about 20 mins
    Cut into 16 bars while still hot and leave in the tin
    Make a water icing with icing sugar and water (pouring consistency) and pour over bars while they’re still warm
    Chocolate Krackolates

    7 tbsps corn flakes
    1 level tbsps cocoa powder
    1 tbsp icing sugar
    1 tbsp golden syrup
    1 oz marg
    2 tbsps desiccated coconut or 1 tsp grated orange peel
    Melt marg, icing sugar and syrup slowly – don’t boil
    Add cocoa and remove from heat
    Quickly fold in coconut or peel and corn flakes until well coated
    Spoon into little cake cases and leave until cool

    OK – have typed this up in Word and saved it just in case!

    Anyone feeling under the weather – hope you get better soon.

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    MRSMC - it's so great to have you back.:D

    Doing well with the GC this month, still using up Freezer contents and bits out of the cupboards. One freezer emptied this morning and off to defrost that in a moment. Having our usual Breaded Fish and HM Chips and Mushy Peas tonight and then I shall pick some Rhubarb from the garden for a crumble for tonights Pud. Tomorrow night we are having Sweet & Sour Pork, found a jar of sauce lurking at the back of a cupboard and the Pork has been in the freezer for ages, shall also use up a packet of Egg Noodles from the Cupbaord. Sunday we are at friends for Dinner so a day off from Meal Planning/Preperation.

    Kids break up from School today and then I know it will be harder to try and control the GC but I'm determined to make it work.

    Have a good day everyone.;)
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    Hi everyone, Weather is rubbish here too, thought we were in middle of summer. Feeling really down today.

    Think i'm still catching up from weekend in hospital with DS2 and his broken arm. He is feeling quite a bit better now, no more pain just hope we go on ok next week when we go for Xray. Last time it moved and he had to have a plate in.

    Feeling worried about work, during the hols mum looks after the kids and she is giving me grief cos she doesn't want to do it anymore. Don't really know what to do, Can't find holiday care for DS1 cos he's 13, but don't want to leave him home all day yet, don't feel he's ready for that. Don't know if we can afford to live on just OH wages. Trying really hard to cut down living costs, but everything keeps going up, what I save in one place is needed somewhere else.

    This challenge is so good, we spend more than a lot of you on here, but we are gradually spending less each month and the meal planning is really working.

    Sorry for the waffle, just need someone to talk to.
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