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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • OK here you go-these were someone elses recipes-not sure who's!

    Chocolate Cake without eggs

    Melt in a pan
    3 oz of butter
    1 Tbsp golden syrup

    Mix together
    8 oz plain flour
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 oz cocoa
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp bicarb
    2 oz sugar

    Stir in butter and syrup mixture
    Add about 1/2 pt of warm water to give a very soft mixture.
    Spoon into 2 greased sandwich tins.
    Bake for about 30 mins at 180c


    1½ cups pl flour
    1 tsp bicarb of soda
    1 cup sugar
    3 tbsp cocoa
    ½ tsp salt
    1/3 cup vegetable oil
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 tbsp vinegar
    1 cup water

    Oven 160°C/ gas 3

    Sift together first 5 ingredients
    Make 3 wells in flour mixture
    Put oil in 1, vanilla in 1 and vinegar in the last.
    Pour the water over the top.
    Mix until just blended
    Bake in a 9” square or 2 1lb loaf tins for 40 minutes.

    This is a really moist choc cake which doesn't even really need frosting and can be frozen.

    You could leave out the choc and add an extra tablespoon of flour and some vanilla essence. They do have a tendancy to crack slightly on the top. Ive tried the wacky one with the choc and its the most moist choc cake Ive ever had. I coated it in a bar of 23p value chocolate.
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    Smetf there is an eggless sponge recipe in Angelnikki's list:

    I haven't been able to find the yogourt cake recipe though - can any one help please?

  • angelnikkiangelnikki Forumite
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    thats the no fat sponge not the eggless one moniker
    here's the yoghurt cake links: Yoghurt Cake (the easy way)
    MrBadExample's yoghurt cake (the recipe is on post 16 of MBE's thread)
    smetf wrote: »
    not managed to change Mr T order as site wouldn't let me- logged in, got to page where you can click on your orders and then every time I clicked on it- nothing happened Grrr! Will just have to think quick and reject some of the stuff when it comes- does anyone else sometimes have this problem with Mr T?

    I've never had a problem with the MrT site (I've used them every week since DS was born and he's 21months now) and I always edit my order right up to the day before delivery but I think you should keep trying and if that doesnt work try phoning them up.

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    Bought some at mr A's for 40p is this its normal price??? no offer labels on shelf

    Anyone got any recipes for using it (other than the ones on pack)

    Thinking of adding it to my stockpile but like to road test new items first


    probably a really dumb question but how do i start a new thread??
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    Lovely to have you back Mrs M :T
    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children. :j
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    Quick question - Waitrose doesn't deliver to my post code but Ocado does. Will Ocado accept the Waitrose voucher?
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    probably a really dumb question but how do i start a new thread??

    At the bottom left of the old style page there is this button: newthread.gif
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    Anyone got any recipes for using it (other than the ones on pack)
    working on clearing the clutter
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    mouche wrote: »
    Quick question - Waitrose doesn't deliver to my post code but Ocado does. Will Ocado accept the Waitrose voucher?

    I would say probably not but that would only be a guess:o
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    Hi there. haven't posted for a while - this whole baby thing has left me utterly shattered by 4 in the afternoon. Last night I went to bed at quarter to 8 and slept through 12 full hours and could easy have stayed for more if it wasn't for work!

    We're doing really well on the grocery challenge at the moment. My budget tracker shows £37 total spend in the last 2 weeks since coming back from holidays. Need to get a few fresh bits and prices tonight but have done really well from store cupboards/freezer without even resorting to any mystery combinations so far. It helps that Hubbles is at a client with a subsidised canteen. He gets a 3 course meal and breakfast for about a pound and only wants a light snack at night.

    Tonight is poached haddock and egg over mash with spring onions. Any (raw) extra fish will be added to the odds in the freezer to make a cider and leek fish pie at the weekend. Also planning to defrost some beef tonight to chuck into the slow cooker for a stew at the weekend as the weather has been so miserable and cold.

    Had a lovely risotto with broad beans and mushrooms on Tuesday with pork medallions (no shopping required:A ) and last night had the left overs in fried off in little patties and some crispy bacon (still no shopping required:A :A )

    Tomorrow still needs some thought ...
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