July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Herbaholic wrote: »
    Oh noooo yum yum yum! Will let you know how the iced ginger cake comes out, I'm with Bigbird, my diet has gone to pot, I can hear my waistline expanding just reading the recipes :o Now I'm wondering how the iced buns would be with some chopped apple and sultanas adding to the bread mix with the cinnamon icing on top!!!

    Have you tried D&DD's apple braid? v yummy :)
    D&DD wrote: »
    Hi Sammy here's the apple braid one :D
    1 sachet yeast
    15 oz strong bread flour
    3/4 tsp salt
    4 tbspn sugar (less if wanted)
    4 1/2 tbspn butter
    2 eggs
    6 fl oz milk

    I find this comes out a bit on the sticky side sometimes so you may need a bit of extra flour to hand *I make this up in my MR haven't tried it in the Panny yet!*
    Set for white bread dough..

    2 eating apples
    1 1/2 tsp plain flour
    2 tbspn sugar
    3/4 tspn cinammon
    3/4 tspn lemon juice
    3 tbspns sultanas

    Peel,core and chop apples into small pieces toss with the remaining ingredients.

    Roll out dough to 1/3 inch thick rectangle shape.Mark lightly from top to bottom into thirds without cutting!! On the outer thirds make diagonal cuts about 1 inch wide.

    Place the filling down the centre of the dough then plait the dough over the top.

    Cover loosely and rise for 30 mins then bake for approx 30 mins til golden brown.Gas mark 4/180 c/350 f


    These cooked up fast so do keep an eye on them after about 15 mins..as you can see I went for a wander round the garden and just caught mine in time :rotfl:
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    Merfe - so sorry to hear your sad news.

    Thanks to mama67 - the Gingerbread Muffins were a huge hit yesterday, DD2 was going to a friend's for Dinner so gave her 6 to take with her and they loved them, OH and I had one each with a nice cuppa, yummy. :D DD1 wouldn't try them as she doesn't like Gingerbread but plenty of Twinks Hobnobs in, HM Jam Tarts, Courgette Muffins etc etc for her to have instead!! Can't believe how much baking/cooking I do now.:A Also made some more rolls yesterday and some Tortilla wraps as DD1 likes one of those in her Lunchbox, feel like a Baker as OH has HM Rolls in his lunch, DD1 has the Tortillas and DD2 has HM Bread - I just have whatever is left in that day!!;)

    Today I have made a Bacon Casserole, recipe was from another thread I picked up ages ago and kept meaning to make but finally got round to it as we are still using up the Freezers supplies. In the oven at the moment on a Slow Cook and smells nice. Took the bacon off a Gammon Knuckle I had and now have a pot of Soup on the go with the stock from the Bone.;)

    What was that rain like yesterday - just didn't stop all day but at least we have a bit of sun today and so far it has stayed dry but OH just called to say it is pouring down in London so hope it's not on it's way over here in time for School Run - why does it always rain at 3pm??:confused:

    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.;)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    angelnikki wrote: »
    Have you tried D&DD's apple braid? v yummy :)

    angelnikki - ohhhhhhhh, how could you do this to my waistline :rolleyes: - reminded me how yummy D&DD's braids are and realised it's been too long since I made some....................dashing off to the kitchen to get the flour out.:rotfl: :rotfl:
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    Sent £4 so far this week:j . Trying to use up whatevers left in the freezer and the store cupboard. I was feeling pretty rightous last week as I bought carrots from the local farm shop. They went mouldy within a few days :mad: , so I think it's back to Mr M's for vegs. On a happier note my mange tout and corgettes are doing really well:j .
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    saving =
  • All these lovely cakes and buns are very tempting but as I have got to target weight am a bit scared of the temptation, they all sound so yummy:eek: :eek: Help:eek: :eek:
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    Well i plan to have NSD today and tomorrow as i'm packing ready for the move at the end of the month, had a bit of a laps in my strict spend this week been to Sainsburys monday to get throat sweets on the way to work and came out 3 bag full of shopping all good buys but, i could have lived with out them as we need to reduce the fridge and frezzer to be able to move it, then yesterday had a miserable day with all that rain and packing box afterbox so got OH to pop in to Morrison to get a bottle of wine, he though i deserved a treat and brought cake home which was yummy, again a spend we could have done with out. BUT, today is a new day and after work i'm off home to do the iron and feed DS1 befor going to the gym, on the wat back we'll be dropping DS1 off at Air cadet then home for tea which is HM chilli and rice the nice glass of wine and TV. Supermarket free!!!!!! Tomorrow will be packing more boxes and take more cobwebb incrusted stuff to the tip anything that had any value went to bootsale last sunday and made £130 and maybe off to the gym tomorrow evening too. Planning HM sauages (Ala MRS M recipes) with mash and HM onion gravey from the frezzer. Saturday will be a different story DS1 off on Summer camp with Air cadets and will have to buy all the uniform he need a\nd the other holiday stuff but the 7 days of him not fighting with DS2 with be worth every penny or should the be pound!! My thoughts are with MERFE & MRS M for their recent losses :grouphug:

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    NSD for me yesterday and only 99p today (toothbrushes on offer in MrS).

    Tea all sorted for tonight - the other half of the Quorn shepherds pie I made last night.

    Last day before hols tomorrow and a half day at work to boot:j

    can't wait - will actually see the sun this summer - not much chance of that in Manchester lately!
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    For those who've been looking for reduced supercook goodies at Adsa, I managed today to get pots of 100's and 1000's at 13p a pot even though they clearly had Dr. Oetker on them :confused:
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    Let me know how it turns out, i saved the recipes ages ago meaning to try it out and havent got round to it yet! I love cinnamon too, when i made the iced buns i did half the batch with cinnamon icing:D

    Ahhh well that'll teach me G&B, I almost had everything in, got all excited after reading the recipe and grabbed stuff putting it in my pan as per instructionsput butter and golden syrup, dark sugar etc in pan reached for the treacle and doh! :o Then remembered I'd used it all up last time I made ginger biscuits, why didn't I remember before I started making the cake?!!!

    Not to be deterred (having stuff in the pan and didn't want to waste it you understand) I decided to waist it instead lol so I added extra golden syrup in place of the treacle (I hope that'll be okay!), threw in some candied ginger and some sultanas along with a little ginger extract and some more cinnamon. Not sure I'll ice it though, the mix seemed very sweet. Will let you know how my version minus treacle turns out later.

    Angelnikki, no I haven't tried the apple braid YET! But I have a feeling it'll be on the menu in the not too distant future. Does anybody have any slimming cake recipes, you know the kind you eat and the pounds melt away instead of meld on to the hips? I know I shouldn't bake, but that wouldn't be very OS now would it, besides as the Daleks say "resistance is futile" lol! I shall have to tell DH that you lot made me do it lol!

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  • Toffee Muffins,

    dd9 looked longingl in cake tins - found a few Twinks "Mum you'll have to bake today!!!!!!"

    Made 12 eaten 2,rest cooling nicely.

    No thoughts of popping to shop at all.

    Kids have a friend over who bought sweeties and a bag of magdalenas!!!Afternoon snack.

    Be who you are and say what you think because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind....Dr Seuss
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