July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Everyone seems to be getting much better bargains with woopsies than I am, :confused: I must go at the wrong times, can only get out in the middle of the day :mad: and I do think mr m is a bit of a skinflint with the ol woopsies any way.
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    Everyone seems to be getting much better bargains with woopsies than I am, :confused: I must go at the wrong times, can only get out in the middle of the day :mad: and I do think mr m is a bit of a skinflint with the ol woopsies any way.
    We get hardly any here either, I think this is why our GC budget is not very low compared to some people here, as we cut back in as many ways as we can. We generally have to pay full price for all meat, sometimes cold meat is half price, and also we don't have the milk deals etc that operate further south :mad:
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    G&B's-- what is funkyfunkymonkeys chocolate cake and can I have the recipe please- am making stuff to take to my Mums for her birthday this weekend :D

    Its on the first page of the grocery challenge, think the title is just chocolate fudge cake. I've made the sponge, just waiting for it to cool before i ice it.
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    Someone asked about getting some borax, have just tried to find the post but failed, anyway I was sorting out the cupboard under the kitchen sink and found a box of 'Tesco Naturally' Borax that I'd forgotten about :o , I think it was about 99p for a 400g box. They're selling it as an eco stain remover. It was a new product to the Mr T eco friendly range when I got it a few months ago, they also do 500g boxes of bicarbonate of soda to in the same range. Just looked online though and neither product is listed. I got mine from one of the larger Tesco stores, so if anyone wants to call in and see if they still have any then you may get lucky? I'm not going to Mr T for a while, but if they still do it will update when I next visit. Not much use really, but if you happen to be going to Mr T for other stuff and want some borax, it may be worth checking out the 'eco friendly' cleaning products in the cleaning aisles.

    While I was looking online, I did notice Mr T are doing 1kg packs of washing soda crystals for 29p and you can get soap flakes called Granny's Original Soap Flakes (425g) for £1.16, for those that want to make their own soap gloop but don't want to grate bars of soap. HTH someone :)

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    Anita: Sounds like you have had a miserable worrying time- however if its any consolation to you one of nephews had similar problems to your son (had his first grommetts under the age of one, and as many sets after as he was allowed, and also the ear drum perforation and affected hearing) and has no problems at all now-- it took a lot of time and trauma but its all clear now-- fingers crossed that this will be the same for your son (((((hugs))))

    Thanx FelineFantastic is nice to hear other peoples stories, the not knowing whats going to happen is the worst part. I'm pleased to hear your nephew came out the otherside of it ok, i'll be keeping my fingers X for my DS too :D

    Got my second MrT delivery last night. Total was £80.67 but after special offers and £9 discount code it came to £67.29. That should be enough to carry us to the end of the month except the infamous F+V and milk once my tokens run out. I think its gonna be tight on the budget but i'm gonna try my hardest to keep within it :T .....will update sig in a mo

    Lemon madeira was a success and banana loaf is fab. The bread rolls turned out great so baking confidence is growing :D I really want to try the iced buns but still trying to pluck up the courage :o
    Did feel rather good when i did my DS2 a pack up today (normally has school dinners) as everything in there was HM :T thanx to all here :D

    Right i better get on and still have some posts to catch up on
    Have a good day all, sun is shining here today which cheers me up no end. Even though i know its not gonna last. Although the rain does help with the NSD, have had 5 so far this month :D

    Sorry stop rambling now
    Have a good day all :beer:
    Anita xx
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    hev wrote: »
    Parsnips - probably not properly OS but I'm still learning...

    Today I diced some potato and cut parsnip and carrots into chunks. I put them in a basin with a dollop (scientific term) of cooking oil and a large dash of cajun spices and stirred them round really well so that all the chunks were coated. Put them in a hot oven for around 40 mins - very yummy indeed! No idea how to put it like a proper recipe - just went by rule of thumb and eye.

    On week one of my meal plans for this week I didn't manage to get a single meal cooked according to plan.

    So far this week...

    Sat - meal plan said a treat from my shopping trip, but felt like death so didn't go out so raided the freezer and store cupboard.
    Sun - meal plan said roast meat but due to not doing meals on last weeks menu plan I needed to use up veggies so we had ratatouille.
    Mon - Had the roast meat that we were going to have Sunday.
    Tues - had the cold meat and home made 'wedge type thing' that I should have had yesterday with frozen peas.

    Now, if we are following the meal plan but one day shuffled on, then tomorrow should be fish cakes and oven chips. However there is so much meat left over that it would be criminal to just use it as a sandwich (plus I couldn't eat that much meat by myself). But I don't want to just do oven chips because that's almost the same as tonight. Unless something dreadful happens my plan is to chop ham small and mix with mushroom (from freezer, after last week's chaos), onion and condensed mushroom soup and put mashed potato on top like a shepherd's pie.

    My track record on this isn't good, though. Added to this, Thursday is down as a stir fry but I didn't get out at the weekend to get the fresh veggies, but I do have loads of peppers. If Thursday was one day shuffled on then it would be a chilli, so I may try stuffed peppers. That is the most adventurous I have been for years, so I shall see. Whatever happens I do not want to buy anything more. I don't think I will be able to bring in the challenge this month, but there is such a thing as going down fighting!

    Haven't caught up with the rest of the thread yet but had to post to say wow to Hev. Well done on being flexible and using your available food up in the best possibe way without any waste. I have been home catering/cooking for 45 years and you could certainly teach me a thing or two about lateral thinking.
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    Anyone have any recipes using black treacle?
    :hello: JULY G/C £50 WEEK

    WEEK 1 = £69.50 :eek:

    WEEK 2 = £60.83:eek:
    Week 3 :mad: £72.05 :mad:
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    No sorry, got some Teacle in my cupboard. I've only ever used it in a tart, but I cheated and used ready made pastry. Kids didn't like it. I'm sure you could perhaps make toffee with it, no idea how to make it, but when I don't know receipe I just Goggle it. Sorry not very knowledgable. Just chatty:o :D
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    busy_mum wrote: »
    Anyone have any recipes using black treacle?

    Not tried this as i dont have any black treacle, but i keep meaning to buy some to try it out:D
    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
    Bertrand Russell
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    Busy Mum - had a quick look on web have you tried these treacle recipes? http://www.recipes4us.co.uk/Treacle%20Recipes.htm HTH
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