July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    morning all,

    merfe - so sorry to hear that, :grouphug:

    nsd planned for today, managed and nsd yesterday as well.
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    Herbaholic wrote: »
    Hiya Orkney :) the wooligans are a pile of MSE ladies who knit for charity as well as themselves http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=800677 that's the first post, if you want to join just post on the thread and mioliere will add you to the merry band of knitters known as the Wooligans and give you links to loving hands etc. I've been knitting away for the past week for save the children, help the aged as well as making family gifts for xmas, nice to use my time to give something back to the world.

    Thanks, I will check this out later on :T
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    Moniker wrote: »
    I keep all mine and freeze it in useful batches ( say, half pints) and then defrost and use to make soups or stock for casseroles etc. Not very original I know, but hey it's late! I really am going now...


    What a great idea, I will be doing that from now on:T . Thankyou
    :hello: JULY G/C £50 WEEK

    WEEK 1 = £69.50 :eek:

    WEEK 2 = £60.83:eek:
    Week 3 :mad: £72.05 :mad:
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    Morning everyone,

    Well i managed 6NSD but not 7. Will need to pop out soon and get somemore milk. Will only take money i need tho, saying that i think we need some chopped toms too. Best go have a quick look see if i need anything else. Will update my sig when i get back from shop.

    Have a good day everyone
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    MrsM - thinking of you and yours at this sad time

    Merfe - (((hugs)))

    Spent £12.43 at mrT last night, including some bay courgettes reduced to 14p and a tub of olives/feta for 10p. Would have spent a bit more but there was no tomato puree, no Gales lemon curd (currently cheaper than value, which I don't like anyway) and I forgot icing sugar (so will be whizzing castor sugar at the weekend).

    Am persevering with feeding the cats on mrT's tins rather than Whiskas. They're not terribly impressed but are eating most of what I put down. But even that's gone up in price in the last week - I'm sure it was £3.60 odd for 12-pack, £3.95 last night.

    Hope the sun is shining on you all.
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    Hi all
    Haven't had time to catch up on posts but thought you would like to hear my mad dream from last night! We were all together discussing food and shopping (of course) in a big room- now obviously don't know what any of you look like so you all were like user names- orkney star ( a star of course) a penguin I think merfe and I were distinctly smurf like, herbaholic- large bunch of herbs etc etc!!
    Very very bizarre but I woke up smiling and thinking I might be slightly addicted to the grocery challenge :eek:
    Must do a bit of essay writing before Baby Cafe will probably drop in again later to catch up properly ;)

    PS I am not mad honest just have very strange dreams :D
  • Another planned NSD,

    Have just made Cinnamon Syrup for pancakes,porridge.

    Got the thumbs up from dd9

    120g sugar
    600mls boiling water
    1 dspn cinnamon

    Simmer 5-8 mins until thickened,decant into jar.Cheaper than syrup.Might have a try using it in Twinks later.

    HB egg for brekkie
    Omelette for lunch
    Garlic prawns for tea

    Kids - Porridge brekkie
    Toasted sandwiches and veggies sticks with alioli
    Chicken and Rice (Leftovers)

    Rest of week looks like this -

    HM Lasagna
    Chicken in Yorkies
    Baked Bean Chili
    HM Pizza
    Pasta with Pesto
    Spag Bol
    Chicken Curry
    Full English Breakfast at T time - Great
    Roast Beef Dinner
    Fish & Chips

    So we have a fine old selection to keep us going.

    Have just turfed out utility and found 32 loo rolls so that will do till end of month with loadsa guests here.

    Have found lots of large plastic food containers with flip lids ( like a takeaway dish ) and want to bake and freeze buns,cakes before friend's arrive so will line with clingfilm and double cover to avoid freezer burn.

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    NSD for me today, just in the middle of making funkyfunkymonkeys chocolate cake to cheer LO up.
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    smetf wrote: »
    Hi all
    herbaholic- large bunch of herbs

    PMSL!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: smetf how did you know that's exactly what I look like, I get told that all the thyme :p Oh dear, I'm chortling so much I've just splattered coffee all over the monitor and keyboard, that really made me giggle and I think I'll be sniggering all day, I'll be seeing everyone on here in a whole new light now :rotfl:
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    Hi everyone

    didnt manage a NSD yesterday went to farm foods and managed to spend £25.32 so will update total shortly but got 4 big bags of stuff for that easy tea of pizza, chips and coleslaw tonight just need to buy some cabbage for the coleslaw so not going to be a NSD again had a nice tea last night of left over diced lamb with an egg fried rice type of thing, OH was quite impressed at one time I would have had good intentions of using leftover meat from roast and never used to get round to it but with the help of everyone on here finally turning a corner
    have a good day everyone still thinking of you Mrs Mcxx
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