July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    mornin all,

    Hope everyone has a great day,sun is shinning hope it stays like that got some washing to dry. I've got a few days off work so will be playing catch up,
    have got a batch of hob knobs in the oven and a big pot of stew on the go,hope to have a NSD this will be my third.will update later.
    July 2008 Grocery Challenge.[£200/£200]
    Aug Grocery Challenge £200
  • Hi everyone!!
    Beautiful blue skies here today.
    Let's hope it lifts all of our spirts and we have a great MS day.
    Take care
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    Well, here I am again! OH stopped working at 1.30 am and then we went to bed. At 4.30 am he got up and started work again. I got up at 5.40 and had a shower and stripped off the bed clothes for washing. It's lovely and sunny here today and a nice breeze so I am hoping to get it all washed and dried before the next shower arrives!

    Have decided to do a veg casserole with all my bits and pieces - will post the recipe later - as it is one of OH's favourites and he will need the comfort food today. I am hoping to catch up on my sleep this afternoon, so will definitely not be spending any money today!

    speak later - have a good day everyone.

    love Moniker
  • perrywinkleperrywinkle Forumite
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    Morning everyone :hello:

    NSD planned for today as don't need anything and well stocked up. Just need to spend the day in the kitchen catching up with all the meal-making and baking which has been on hold whilst I spent time in the garden.

    Hope to have a go at the artisan bread today - so much to do - so little time!

    Hope everybody has a great day
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    Morning everyone :)

    More hugs for everyone today and a specially big hug for Merfe. The weather looks like it may be a little brighter today, may attempt to stick the washer on and try and weed the veg patch, all the rain has made the weeds try to compete with the veggies grr!

    I did another shop at Asda last night and managed to get some supercook sugar sprinkles and more muffin cases great at half their normal price, and I shall need them! DH came home yesterday, smelt the cooling strawberry muffins and ate one, then another one, more after tea and he's taken the rest to work. I'm making another batch with the remaining strawbs from yesterday and also some pineapple and coconut muffins and choc chip and orange muffins today, most of these will go into the freezer though this time, thanks for the tip angelnikki :) DH normally takes cereal bars to work for a mid morning snack, they're costing me £1.98 a pack for 6, he said he'd prefer to take a muffin or two everyday instead, so that will save some money and I know what he's getting.

    I got some more reduced meat bargains yesterday, not as good as Tuesday but some cheap lamb for minty lamb hotpot and some mince for making shepherds pie. Also stocked up on flour, milk, eggs and a few other baking bits as well as some frozen veg. Just added my spend to my siggy and with 17 days of the month left to go I've spent over half my budget already :eek: but as I have at least 12 meals worth of meat in, plus all the stuff in the cupboards and freezer I should be okay. I'm going for a couple of NSD days though.
    Herbaholic-I always consider whether I actually need the whoopsie. Sometimes whilst I'm doing this its whipped away by someone but I don't like waste.
    I know what you mean SFT, used to happen to me, but now I keep hold of the item until I've decided if I want/need/can afford it. And message to the people who stand behind me TUTTING, no amount of tutting will get me to waiver so you can vulture the potential bargain away, I was there first afterall! :p Okay they won't be reading this, but we all get at least one of the people who think everyone should move out the way so they can get all the goodies first don't we? And sometimes I so want to turn to the 'tutter' and say just what I said above lol!

    More baking on the cards for me today and a little prep for some DIY painting that I want to do after the washing and weeding and when that's done I think I may just have an afternoon of knitting or making some more gifts for xmas, I know its early but the sooner its done the less I have to fret about how we can manage to do it. Have a good day everyone :)

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    oh so sorry Merfe- I hope you get through this ok.
    Not much happening here today, bit grey outside but will hang washing out in a bit anyway, although the nappies are in the airing cupboard. Made more bread last night but it is not as good as the day before- perhaps it was a bit wetter, also oven seemed to cook outside a bit too quickly compared to inside (even though same temp as prev!).
    Spent another £20 in Boots yesterday, although got lots of extra points due to baby and other offers! Just means we have just over £90 for rest of month, which is fine as we really do only need milk, FV and the odd small thing. Just need to update sig.
    Ok, hope all have a nice morning/MSD.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • dink1dink1 Forumite
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    Hi Guys,

    Went to mr t to get some flowers yesterday for a planned gift and came out with some crisps and whoopsied veg totalling £2.38 so will add that to siggy in a sec. hope everyone has a good day

    Mum of just two - thanks for the advice on the yogurt
    Merfe - sorry tohear of your loss
    always_skint - welcome and dont be frightened to ask any questions
    leopardlady - glad to hear your knees are getting better
    Denise fowler - hope you are ok today we all have crap days now and again remember we are here for ya
    here we go again - sorry cant be more original than suggested stock for soup and stew

    JanGC £250/£82 far:weight loss 1lb cc250/£86/cm40/£9.50 :A
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    Had a nice evening although it wasn't what I planned which was to get home early, lock up the car, feed them, bake some bread and early night.

    Didn't get home till 7.15, started the meal, hm mini lamb burgers made on Sunday when we had full size ones, (they were going to be meatballs, but thought they would cook quicker if I flattened them), hm savoury rice (peppers, onions, peas, a few soft cherry toms and mixed herbs), carrot batons (whoopsied to 10p a few weeks ago and frozen, won't freeze again though as no one liked them) broccoli.

    Then DD wanted to go to Asda, not for anything special, just that she had been home alone all day and was bored. Could do with F&V, so checked on mysupermarket and decided to go further out to Tesco, (shame they are in opposite directions or could have done both).

    This was 9pm, the weather was awful, felt like Lewis Hamilton driving in the rain, roads and car park had lakes or fast flowing rivers. Thought that it might have kept people away and would find some whoopsies and it was yes and no. Shop was very quiet, but the only reduced items were a couple of croissants and bread rolls.

    We were very good though. At one time I would have spent over 100 pounds without thinking. This time I got what I needed and then did overdo it a bit, but only what I will use, flour, weetabix (2 for 2 pounds) raisins, etc. Spent 24.58.

    Got some more ground almonds as made Bakewell pudding (not tart) on Sunday and it was lovely. Will give it another go to make sure it is repeatable (sorry that's the scientist) then post the recipe.

    Anyway, DD and I had a nice relaxed time chatting and wandering the aisles without getting in anyones way. Would have cost more with nothing to show for it if we had gone out for a meal or cinema.

    Sorry for rambling, off to work now.

    (Sorry about your news Merfe, know how you feel)

  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Herbaholic, can I ask, what is wooligans and how do I join ? I love to knit!
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • HerbaholicHerbaholic Forumite
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Herbaholic, can I ask, what is wooligans and how do I join ? I love to knit!

    Hiya Orkney :) the wooligans are a pile of MSE ladies who knit for charity as well as themselves http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=800677 that's the first post, if you want to join just post on the thread and mioliere will add you to the merry band of knitters known as the Wooligans and give you links to loving hands etc. I've been knitting away for the past week for save the children, help the aged as well as making family gifts for xmas, nice to use my time to give something back to the world.

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