July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Don't even ask where we've just been!!
    Thanks for all the moral support but I gave in and went to Tesco's :eek: :eek:
    Actually don't feel too bad as I got quite a lot of stuff, spent £50, but basically all we need now is milk and FV (and not even much of that for a week or two as got tinned fruit, frozen fruit etc as well).
    Also it was a great help to have DH with me to lift stuff....really helped my back too.
    PS Welcome to any newbies :wave:
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    mumzyof2 wrote: »
    Can anyone tell me? I have bought the jus a roll sheets and i have seen the advert for it... now all i need is what can i put in it? I want tomatoes in and also chunks of chicken but what else?
    where can i find a cheap yog maker?

    You could just get a flask for your yogurt, i saw one in Mr A last week for £2.98. I make mine in a flask, it's easy peasy, there is instruction on this thread.

    Jackie x
  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    Jackk where would the instructions be? Im getting a yogurt maker for my bday
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    Evening all
    Had a pretty busy weekend, sorted the loft ready for moving and all the rubbish stuff i took to a boot sale and made........£130 pretty good for stuff i don't want any more. Had a NSD today as i've lost my voice i shall be staying away from the shops since i can't say a word!!!!!

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    Just spent £6.30 that really wasnt necessary. First time I,ve been in Asda for ages too. Only went in for bread on the way home from the doc,s. Tonight ,at last, I,m eating at home, so having the spag bol I made and chilled just in time, sent a carton of it over to the son for his dinner as well. Last night I was invited out by my brother and his lovely wife to a tapas place. the bill was on him, the night before was in a nice resturant which specializes in fish YUM. alll paid by brother in law. Ah some life this!
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    Well except mastered my mortgage 5 yrs early :T:j
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    Back from 4 days in Norfolk - the rain was so bad on the way home we could barely see out of the car windscreen -but had a lovely time just the same.

    Back to w**k tomorow but just for 4 days as I start my new job next monday for a months trial, just hope I can keep up!! I will have to get myself organised for it as I will have to set off much earlier and will get home later, I can't afford the parking charges in town so I will have to go on the bus so a 10 minute drive becomes a 1 hour bus ride:eek: still at least it's a job.

    As I have been away I have had 4 NSDs on the GC but I will be going to Asda tomorrow and will also be buying groceries for my DD2 as she has just started a new job but won't get paid until Fri. I really should go and write a shopping list so I keep to budget and I need some bread but I think it is too late to bake tonight as I need sleep:rotfl:

    Thanks Angelnicki for all your hard work, you keep us rolling along nicely;)

    Hugs to MrsM.
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    JayJay glad you had a nice break - if its any consolation it has been miserable here for days!

    Just to update sig - went to MrA to get more eggs (underestimated how many eggs would need for fritattas) and ended up spending £5.25 - but in defence did get a couple of whoopsies. :o
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    Decided on currant cookies, and chocolate biccies;


    Wonder how long this batch will last?

    Some of you manage to actually post your pics in the post rather than a link, can anyone explain how, please?
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    And on other MS news, I,m going to get my hair coloured and highlighted tomorrow in an academy, it,s Zaks, dont know if they are national, but had it done last week and hte girl was really good, that was just a wash and blow dry for £5.00. This one is costing £15 so I,m offsetting that by picking up 3 mystery shops at £5.00 each. Had a lovely kneck and back massage and will claim that back from health insurance thing, and will get to chiropodist and have my feeties looked after, also claiming back.
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    Well except mastered my mortgage 5 yrs early :T:j
    Street finds for 2018 £26:49.
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    Well I'm creeping in to whisper that I went to Mr T and spent £7. I got 4L milk, 3kg SR and 3kg plain flour. 15 eggs and then bought all the reduced supercook stock on the shelf. It all has a long life on it and should be good as DD has her school fair on Saturday.
    Made fish pie for tea, another loaf of bread and some gingerbread- I used the bero recipe with loads of sultanas. It's delish.
    I'm out of potatoes so need to go to MiL's allotment tomorrow and get some as mine haven't flowered yet. We've used all the lettuce she gave us so I'm going to heave out one from the front garden tomorrow.
    Our neighbours had scaffolding put up today and I heard one of the chaps say-
    "Look, they've got cabbages and stuff growing in their front garden!"
    I think his mates were a bit surprised that he knew what they were as they don't look very veg like atm!
    Anyhoo- I'll stop wittering now. TTFN, Kaz.

    ETA: I'm soooo bad... I went to Asda after looking on my supermarket as the supercook stuff is reduced there too. So is their treacle. So another £3.42 spent. Cupboards jammed now so I'd better get baking.

    Those of you who make little fairy cakes, can I ask what recipe you use please? I've got in everything I need for baking now (She hopes!).
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