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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • jackk_2jackk_2 Forumite
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    Sorry, guys but yet again I'm in my element in this weather - I LOVE IT! :happyhear

    Luckily my little one loves it too and we had a great time splashing the puddles. Cannot bring myself to use the abbreviation for little one as in teaching terms LO means learning objective and my lovely daughter is not that!!!

    However, I'm feeling a bit annoyed with myself as I've spent more than I intended at all. Went out and got my little one some clothes, wellies and toys which although she needs the clothes and wellies she doesn't need the toys. She's loving Fifi at the moment and so I got her a Fifi doll. My husband said he'd give me the money as it was his idea to get her one but it's still money spent. :rolleyes: Ahh, well. Live and learn. I just wish I'd learnt earlier before I got myself into debt. :mad:

    I did manage to get one bargain - Clarks are doing a 50% or more sale and as my little one's feet have gone up a size again I managed to get her her shoes at a fraction on the cost. One pair was £10 reduced from £32 and the other pair was £5 reduced from £16. So, at least that was money that had to be spend otherwise she'd be running around bare foot!

    I'll stop my rambling and continue to enjoy this weather whilst it lasts. :T

    I love the cooler weather also, not enjoying the wet washing hanging all over the place though :rolleyes: , still the clothes horse is free hey :D .

    Jackie x
  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Well, regardless of my good intentions I gave in and went to spend the £5 NOTW voucher at MrTs. I thought as I was going around that it looked like about £30 worth (to get the discount) whe I got to the till it was £48 before the £5 came off!:eek:
    I'm only counting £32 towards the grocery budget though as £11 was books and wine (budgeted for separately).

    Stiil it makes my total quite interesting! I'm off on hols for a week on Saturday so next week at least is taken care of and I have plenty in for this week.

    Must try harder!!!
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    hi there guys

    have just tasted twinks hobnobs they are niiiiiiice just had another coffee

    and a sit down,,, my leg feels better but my back is a bit sore now,,, that will teach me to look where I am going in future
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    I have been very MSE and gone round the village on my bike to deliver some letters and managed to avoid the showers. Then I shredded a box of stuff DD1 left for me at the weekend and put it on my compost heap. Then I made OH and me a cuppa and had a healthy chewy bar - and then I came back on here to see what you were all up to! I will start on my kitchen cupboards next , honest!

  • patentgirlpatentgirl Forumite
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    Hi everyone after all my good intentions still not managing to get on here daily to give myself encouragement after reading what everyone else has been up to, everyone is so motivated and doing really well, I am definately having a better month, planning is the defiante key! got about £100 to last me till july 24th which should be plenty as got full stocked cupboards and freezer only downfall DD15 is doing work experience for a fortnight day 1 today and I have forgotten to budget this had to give her £3 for her train and gave her money for lunch as mot sure what is expected of her, cant go on like that for a fortnight!
    will update my sig in a minute just realsied I hadnt done it yet
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  • I popped to Mr M this morning they have selected items at 50p for this week only:
    2 pack chilled peppered grill steaks
    4 chilled beef quarter pounders
    8 chilled pork thick sausages
    4 pieces of fresh chicken (drumstick/thigh mixed pack)
    4 pack large tomatoes
    1 iceburg lettuce
    1 pack of baby pearl new potato
    12 pack fresh bread rolls

    You are only allowed 2 per item, per customer.

    I got tomatoes, potatoes, quarter pounders, sausage and a pack of bas - I swapped a ack of toms for burgers with my Mum.
    Another £5.50 to add to the sig.
  • annelouise_2annelouise_2 Forumite
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    Krispie marshmallow bars

    *4oz butter
    *4oz marshmallows
    *4oz toffees - any

    4oz rice krispie or coco pops

    Melt top 3 in microwave or on hob,put krispies in big bowl,add wet mix,stir,pour into 9x12 container,pat down and cool,cut into bars after chilled.

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  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    Hi Guys and Gals! :)

    I needed a walk, so went to the 'Co' to do a £10 shop. I had a £1 off £5 voucher, so got 2 fresh chickens, 4 pints of milk and 2 packs of sandwich rolls (going a picnic this week) which should see me through to next week. I have a pot of ham & lentil soup on the go just now and it's chicken for dinner tonight, as I had defrosted the last of it when doing the 'stocktake' yesterday. The sponge cakes have all disappeared already!

    I've fallen behind with the posts again, will try to catch up soon. :)
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  • mumofjusttwomumofjusttwo Forumite
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    Well NSD for me today although my sig looks bad am hoping that I will only need milk fruit and veg until the end of the month-we will see.
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  • I have a confession to make...

    I have a problem. I love a bargain, I mean I REALLY love a bargain. Such that if something is on offer I will not be able to resist it, even if it isn't something I think I need. Now this wouldn't be too bad if, like some of you lovely people, I had a hubby, 2.4 kids, a dog, some squirrels and the neighbours to feed. I feed me, just me (and some cakes for friends sometimes). And I can tell you that if you have one person's storage in a shared fridge, freezer and cupboard you can't buy enough sausages/rice/milk to feed the 5000. So I need to be better at resisting...

    Now who said Mr M's had some good offers on burgers... ;)
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