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    Armitage Shanks - if you look at the first half of the first post then you see that the seller was giving the OP a lot of grief that definitely and identifiably came from them. Problems on the computer could have come from all sorts of places, and the techie board will be able to advise. I know someone who could get into any computer from a remote connection within half an hour, who was once part of a team who were selling firewalls and he was the proof of why customers needed them. The problems with the comp could have come from so many different places, but as there was a previous history of malicious behaviour it is logical to consider them first rather than just guess a random figure on the internet.

    I know that this is not a pink and fluffy part of the forum and that the OP has defended her position robustly but perhaps you could consider not taking out on her frustrations you have with other buyers.

    I feel I have to say as someone who is mainly a buyer on ebay and who has never left a neg and only ever one neutral years ago, having read what you have posted, I really don't want to buy from you.

    I'd pm you my ebay id so you could put me on your blocked bidder list, but to be honest, after reading stuff you have put, I don't want to be exposed to your malice.
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    Please can someone report Armitage Shanks for the direct threat he made in post 42
    'So rest assured we'll find you, even if your seller couldn't. But the best bit is you would be blissfully unaware....and that's a good thing right?'

    I tried to but the computer was playing up.

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  • Oh how my heart bleeds for you all.
    So what now? Back down the boot sale/ markets round? Up at 3am home by 7pm if you're lucky and not even covered your outlay if the weather's bad
    How about just giving a straight honest transaction to people and stop your greedy moaning? *gasp*

    Great big LOL at the keyboard thumper.
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    I'm closing this thread now as it serves no useful purpose and am referring it over to the MOd team for review.

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