July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    KAAT_LADY wrote: »
    thanks to orkneystar my photos should be okay now
    Just to let you know I can open then ok
    Want to in control of my money.
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    I always use the bicarb but give it a go without ,I like the fizz in the pan as I add it to the butter.

    Or add ginger,cinnamon,mixd spice,choc chips,coconut.

    Good Luck

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  • great something to make tomorrow! not good for waist line though!
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    Had quite a productive day, made 1 doz raspberry muffins, 1 doz strawberry muffins and 2 doz fairy cakes. Was going to post a piccie but couldn't work out how.....

    Attempted Cornish pasties for tea, they weren't bad for a first go, the pastry stuck even though I greased well, there was also too much mix for the psatry. Recipe made 4, 1 left, not sure what to do, OH could have tomorrow for tea, or was wondering can I freeze, if so what do I need to do when using later, do I thaw then warm? Anyone know please?
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    I have just had a scrummy salad that I saw on 'rachel's food' this morning. All I had to buy in was a lemon.
    Tin of haricot beans (drained),halved cherry toms,2 sliced spring onions,I added some chopped cucumber as I had a bit left over,tin of drained value tuna,some rock salt,pepper,chopped mint,squirt of olive oil and juice of half a lemon. Mix it all together-delicious,tastes rather like tabbouleh (sp) but more substantial.I had a bit of left over potato salad and a piece of crusty brown bread with it.
    This made a fair size dish full,so the rest is in the fridge to go in wraps tomorrow-I expect it will taste even better after being in the fridge overnight.
    Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it!
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    Forgot to update sig, topped up on fruit n veg, and toiletries. DS2 going away with school next weekend so needed supplies, inc minor first aid items.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: already on £175.
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    KAAT_LADY wrote: »
    Afternoon everybody

    I would like some help with my cookery ,, I have just harvested two patisson squashes like these :-



    Also in the picture is my sesame loaf that is not that big now ,,

    I would like to know how to cook them if anyone has any advice

    you can use in any mince recipe as they will cook down like courgettes etc do.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
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    Gosh I have been away for a week and there's 43 pages already :eek: Welcome to all newcomers and hi to all the regulars. All my grocery spending whilst away came out of my June budget and my holiday spending money so I am starting again with £200. I do need to stock up as DS had open house whilst I was away and has eaten the cupboards bare.

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    Wasn't Dr Who great???????

    Be who you are and say what you think because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind....Dr Seuss
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    Have been very good this week, trying to use up all the cook in sauces I have had in since before finding MSE.

    Made a 59p Aldi creole style spicy veg cover 7 portions. Put some garam masala into about 2/3 of it and told them they were having curry with a large chicken breast (in chunks) in it. That did 3 of them, with some of the sauce left over. I used some plain with pasta that night and a bit of the curried bit as a dip for my sausages the next night. I added some peppers and chilli powder to the rest of the plain for DH chilli the following night and the last of the curried bit was mixed with the beans DS didn't eat the night before (he missed the whole meal as he was asleep) for a burrito type wrap.

    Used some OOD (but vacuum packed) fresh basil filled ravioli with a white sauce last night then put the rest of it into a portion of my carrot and lentil soup for lunch today with some fresh basil and yogurt.

    Made lemon drizzle cake for the first time last night, but it was a case of too many cooks! DD did the zesting and squeezing of the lemon and read the recipe out for me. She told me to put everything else in after the butter and sugar were mixed, so I did, including the lemon juice that was for the drizzle bit.

    It was lovely anyway, but I didn't think I should add any more lemon, so left the drizzle out.

    Just got back from Costco, only spent 39.31, so it wasn't too bad even though DD got crisps and tortilla chips that we haven't had for ages, but we have still got some dips to use up anyway and she can use them for lunches as she will be at home alone during the day.

    Would have cost me about 7 pounds more in Asda, and I wouldn't have been able to get the goat's cheddar that is DS's favourite and has been the basis of 3 days lunches for me this week.

    DS just called, almost home from Wimbledon trip, so going to pick him up in a mo, then we will eat, chicken and wedges.

    Hope the back seat of the car has dried out, left the window open last night!

    Thought I wasn't doing too well, only 10 days in with a 5 week month, but if I think of it as two weekends down and 'only' 3 more before pay day it doesn't look too bad at 176.79 left, musn't get complacent though.

    Have a nice evening everyone.


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