July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Afternoon everybody

    I would like some help with my cookery ,, I have just harvested two patisson squashes like these :-



    Also in the picture is my sesame loaf that is not that big now ,,

    I would like to know how to cook them if anyone has any advice

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    Hmmmm, just reading through your posts it is hitting me, as it did last month, that it really is hard to do GC when you live in a small place- our biggest supermarket (Tesco, opening this week- was Somerfield before that) would fit inside the ones on the mainland a few times over. As a result we don't have so much choice in value brands, whoopsies etc. Its a good job we do have Lidls! We will see what Tesco brings though :) What I would give to have a big supermarket, but then that might spoil the local community and small shops so I suppose I am not wishing for it really! Hope this makes sense. I think we will come in ok this month but our budget is big compared to so many of the others-£250 for a 5 week month yet I do cut back, make own bread/rolls/make in bulk etc, so many things either cost more or the value option is not stocked :eek: :mad: :confused:
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    KAAT_LADY wrote: »
    Afternoon everybody

    I would like some help with my cookery ,, I have just harvested two patisson squashes like these :-


    Also in the picture is my sesame loaf that is not that big now ,,

    I would like to know how to cook them if anyone has any advice
    I get a message saying image been moved or deleted, for both links! :o
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  • Orkneystar
    I bet its beautiful where you live though and your home baking sounds great.
    I live in a great location for supermarkets, walking distance to the city but it isn't beautiful or remote.
    When we go on holiday we always wish we lived somewhere more beautiful.
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    Just updated sig.As of today I have 346.47 euros left.I have a bogof voucher from a fantastically expensive butchers and am going to get 2kg of best sausages to bbq and 2kg of mince bagged into 500g bags to freeze.

    Shopped for my miniscule shpping list but HAD to buy 1.5 litre of peach iced tea at 39c.Thats 30p in real money.Both dd8 and I really like it so I may tootle back later and get another 5 cartons as it's cheaper than squash me thinks.Bought 4 chocolate mousses for dd8 and ds4 as a treat cheaper than icecreams at 65c for 4.One will go in packed lunch on Monday.

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    hi all never got a chance to pop on yesterday has spent most of the day baking for school summer fare for today on way back picket meat up at butchers should hopefully last at least a week or so,also market for fruit and veg.going to check freezer and cupboards and see how many meals can get from whats in.spent £40 today so will update sig.
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    i've got about £60 left till the end of the month if I'm to come in on my July challenge.
    I have a £5 off Tesco's shop to use by tomorrow, but all I need is fresh stuff, bread milk etc.
    So do I just go to the little shop to buy it and forget the voucher, or do I go to Tesco, spend £30 (can get tins/dog food to stock), leaving very little for the next 2 weeks?
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    sjaypink wrote: »
    hi everyone, i did venture in halfway through june and was given such a friendly welcome and loads of great advice that im going to try and challenge this month.
    thing is i reckon its going to get too complicated (for me :o ) to minus out the nappies, formula, washing powder, tin foil, shampoo, anti bac spray........! you know what i mean right? so im going to include my total spend on everything like that too. up until now ive usually spent about £80pw on my big shop, and topped up by about £20 on bread, milk and fruit.

    so im going to take the plunge and go for a target of £300 this month! :eek:
    spent £65.38 already- it was big shop on tuesday. updating sig now :D

    Hi sjaypink and welcome to the challenge - just a quick note, you said you were updateing your sig, but you don't seem to have one? Have you deleted it by accident?

    EDIT: Oooh, sorry, just seen your signature on your next post, I'll just shut up now!
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    Well I've had an relatively big spend but OH spent £10 on reduced meat in Mr T which will come in for meals later on in the month. I think provided I am careful I hope to come in just under budget still...better get my largish rump over to the 50p meal thread methinks!!
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    sjaypink wrote: »
    i cant do that, dont have the will power!

    example; made my first ever quiche last week. huge it was, mse style, plan was i could have a little slice for lunch, then it would be nice for tea with potatoes and salad, then hopefully enough left over for lunchboxes the next day.
    so anyway i made this quiche at about 10am............... i had eaten ALL of it by 4pm :o i felt sick.

    this is my fear of making my own bread and batch cooking! I WILL EAT IT ALL! :o:D

    any tips on willpower?!

    When I make anything like that I cut it into slices straight away and freeze all but the peices I need there and then. You can take the ones for lunchbox still frozen and not be tempted xx
    This works with most things for me as I also have little willpower;)
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