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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    wmf wrote: »
    Just logging in to record my spends and to say this book sounds fab so will log off in a minute and do a library catalogue search for it.

    Organic delivery today so that was £14-ish. Spent £12 in Morrisons so that's my first £26 of the month. Have food in for the weekend now as well as the remaining pack lunches. Tonight's tea was a veggie stirfry from the glorious veg box. |I get so excited when I come in from work and peek into the garage, where it sits in all its glory. How sad am I??? (no answersbiggrin.gif)
    I had this book from the library and kept renewing it so much that I decided to buy my own copy got it for £6 I think it was off Amazon or; can't remember which.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
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    Can anyone tell me if bean-based meals freeze OK? Not sure if they'll go mushy :confused: This is the result of my concoction to use up the slightly-out-of-date dried exotic bean mix, which was a success! :j I used the bag of beans (think it was 500g), soaked overnight then boiled for 10 mins, an onion chopped and fried with some garlic, 3 medium potatoes diced, 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, a squirt of tomato puree, some dried basil and oregano, salt & pepper to taste. Bunged the whole lot in the slowcooker, topped up with veg stock. Left it on low all day, but had to turn it up for the last hour as the potatoes weren't fully cooked. And it was delicious :D Had some for tea last night (OH liked it so much he had 2 helpings) with HM bread rolls made from the recipe on here a little while back :T

    Anyway, there are 3 servings left, which will be ideal for taking to work as lunches, so I'd like to freeze them.

    Have got some carrots starting to look a little sad in the fridge, so am going to have a bash at carrot and coriander soup later.

    Also managed to get me some Stardrops. Brought the grubby, greasy marks of the catflap in no time! Tho one of the puss cats had a sniff and is now looking at the catflap suspiciously and refusing to go out :rotfl: But, that could be down to the fact that it's blowing a gale outside, rather than the fact that his catflap is now fresh and fragrant :p
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  • penguin83penguin83 Forumite
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    Morning all. Have been to Sainsburys and spent £103.44 but that was without nappies or washing powder so will need to go again on Tuesday for more. Will attempt to make a shopping list this time to cut down on the visits I have to make because I have forgotten things!

    Have a great Saturday everyone. x x
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  • PetitePechePetitePeche Forumite
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    I've done really well upto day 5 of my first GC. Spent £1.22 in total up to now (value coleslaw for sandwiches for both of us for work, and some chicken livers for a cheap and tasty meal - fried up with onion, frozen spinach and some dried chilli seeds - served with mash).

    Up to a few weeks ago OH would spend approx £3 per day on his lunch - he's saved a fortune with me making his sandwiches!

    Had stuff left over from my last June shop but I'm not counting that. I've planned a menu for the next week but at the moment I'm struggling with balancing healthy diet food for me with cheap meals for all of us. Last night we had haggis, mashed potatoes and mashed carrot and swede which wasn't very slimming but fed us for about £3.00 in total.

  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Hi everyone, have just managed to catch up on all the posts. DD1 came home yesterday and has just popped out to visit a friend so I have a few mins to myself (OH is working). I made fishcakes yesterday as DD1 loves them. This is my recipe based on the St Michael Freezer cookery book one:

    450gms white fish ( can use any sort, but I used boneless and skinless cod- expensive but OH prefers it and will always find a bone if there's one to be found!)
    250g mashed potato ( I cooked extra the night before and saved it in the fridge)
    2tbsp chopped parsley( fresh or frozen - I usually buy a big bunch and chop it straightaway and freeze it - works find straightfrom freezer)
    a couple of tbsp milk ( to cook the fish)
    Salt and pepper
    1lg egg, beaten
    Breadcrumbs and plain flour

    I cook the fish for about 3 mins in the microwave with the milk and a bit of salt and pepper. Drain the fish (if you were doing fish pie you could keep the liquid for the white sauce) and combine with the potato and parsley. If the potato is freshly cooked then let the whole thing chill for about 30 mins in the fridge. When chilled, make into a sort of sausage shape with floured hands and cut into slices about 1-1.5 cms thick. I usually get six to eight out of these quantities. Dip each cake in flour and then in the egg before rolling in the breadcrumbs. You can freeze them at this stage for later (open freeze then wrap individually). Or you can cook straightaway - though I usually find they are easier to handle if you chill them well first. I shallow fry them for about 5 mins per side in a little sunflower oil and butter. You need to cook them longer from frozen of course, but be carefull not to burn them. drain for a few mins on kitchen paper before serving.

    I served these (2 each) with coleslaw and a green salad and some hm bread for supper. Usuing the fish as above it probably cost around £6 for three adults- but would be a lot cheaper if you used fish like hoki and skinned and boned it yourself. You can also use tinned salmon or tuna instead if you like. My family love these and I have never known the recipe to fail. HTH. Meant to add that you don't have to be very exact with quantities and can adjust fish to potato ratio to suit your budget!

    A NSD for me today and tomorrow will be too. Rained a lot in the night here but the sun is shining at the moment and I've got some washing out. Going to make shortbread biscuits later. I did a Luscious Lemon cake yesterday and a big batch of Twinks. I used Stork marg this time and they turned out especially melting!

    Have a good day everyone.
  • scooterwifescooterwife Forumite
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    Morning all. Right, new month, and proper shopping with a list, not just popping into shops every day.
    Made list, went to Netto, had left list on table in the rush:o , however managed to get most of it. spent £104.73:eek: . trolley almost overflowing, but that was all household stuff for (at least) the month as well as food so not too bad hopefully. so total spent his month to date is £163.49.
    that includes HUGE sack of dog food & chip shop last night as I worked late & DH fancied a kebab:rolleyes: . trying to avoid shops for at least the next few days now.
  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    I meant to say that I have been straining my hm yogourt and it works really well - the yogourt is lovely and creamy. But, I was wondering, can you use the liquid that drains off (the whey) for anything? It seems a shame to throw it away! If anyone has any ideas please post them!


  • moniker

    I'm sure someone mentioned using it in scones?????

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  • sandy2_2sandy2_2 Forumite
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    Whey is full of vitamin B12 and you can use it to make scones, pancakes, or mix into soups or drinks
  • angelnikkiangelnikki Forumite
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    Moniker wrote: »
    it probably cost around £6 for three adults- but would be a lot cheaper if you used fish like hoki and skinned and boned it yourself.

    MrT does frozen value (skinless & boneless) cod portions for £2.72/540g -They're really good (I've never found a bone in them) and have just been rebranded to value as it was just called MrT Cod portions before. ;) They're also cheaper than the Value cod fillets which aren't boneless and are £4.19/700g.

    Edit: the value white fish fillets say they are skinless & boneless too -didnt know that :doh: - they are £1.95/800g Thanks NYK

    *BigBird* Beans freeze fine :)

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