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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Le Foot-Glad you're ok and escaped for a while.
    :cool: Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
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    People usually suggest about a third if adding to fullfat,I would do less than that at first and see how it goes.

    We drink uht which is cheap anyway so I don't do it but maybe when I'm back in Uk I will as we drink ss anyway.

    Pot of onion marmalade on smelling delish and 4 jars sterilizing.

    Glass of wine at the ready from my neighbour who is very grateful for all the testers this week.

    New to our house this week -

    Bounty bar/slice/bites
    Banana and lemoncake
    Banana and lemon muffins
    MrsM 's marmite and cheese twists
    Pizza twists

    Not bad going as all were very successful to add to Twinks,Onion marmalade,bakewell tarts and pastryless quiche since I first started here in May 2008.

    Thanks all

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    Just popping by to declare my first spend of £43.90 - managed to get a £10 off voucher from tesco which was great. Cupboards are packed to bursting so fingers crossed will cope on the £130 budget. Got a lot of fresh stuff still to use up, need to do a fridge inventory tonight or tomorrow. And shouldn't need to do too much shopping this weekend. At least the manic time at work is over so should manage to do a bit more food planning etc too. Hope you guys are all doing okay...

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    Le_Foot wrote: »
    Hi everyone,

    I've been off line for about 4 weeks. I got the 'all clear' from having a HUGE Ovarian Cyst removed...(great fears that it was Cancer :j ). As soon as I was fit, we took off in our motorhome, not just for some R & R, but to get away from the incesant noise and heat from blowers & dehumidifiers drying out my concrete kitchen floor from a possible 5 year 'quiet' leak from my dishwasher :eek: .( Thank goodness for Insurance) Needless to say, my June challenge went more than somewhat 'pear-shaped'. So here we go again for July. Mrs. M., can you please put me down for £300 again. I've been shopping today, and spent £63, so now got £237 left. Hope I can keep within my set limit.:undecided .

    Good luck everbody with your own personal challenge...the more difficult it becomes, the more determind we will be to 'beat it'. Just remember, what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. :A

    Hi LeFoot, glad it was all OK for you, god, you must have been so worried!
    I hope the kitchen gets sorted out for you soon too. Mrs M is away with her family at the moment and AngelNikki is looking after things very well for her while she is away. Good luck with this months challenge and I hope that things pick up for you now.
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    hev wrote: »
    Meal plan - what meal plan?

    Planned to do roast on Sunday, but Saturday we had a takeaway due to unforeseen circumstances. Sunday we had Saturday's tea, and instead of the roast planned to do the china chilo because finally fresh peas in shops :j:j:j

    But I had forgot the lettuce so Monday we had a scratch meal (fish fingers, baked beans, tinned potatoes) and I was feeling a bit fed up with the start of this week's headache. Tuesday the lettuce came with the Sainsbury order so I managed, despite headache, to get china chilo finished, but OH couldn't eat much much due to bad stomach, so instead of freezing a portion he threw it :eek:

    Then yesterday's spag bol just didn't happen because I could barely move so Friday's fish & chips day was moved to Wednesday, and tonight we are having spag bol if the mushrooms are still fit or some variant thereof if they are not.


    I'm looking at all the yummy recipes and thinking how great they sound, but I am not, repeat NOT, going out and buying ingredients until next month - I have meal plans and stuff to use up and I will do it!

    And I still have a headache!

    No spag bol tonight - OH didn't feel hungry but could manage a few 'chippy' chips. To be fair, he really only had a few, and DS and I shared the rest with a fish cake from chippy.

    My next week's meal plan starts tomorrow. It has got to get better!
    Always another chapter

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    For anyone interested, I have been making fatfree yogurt in a thermos flask (no need for a yogurt maker)for the last month. I reckon it costs me 50p for a litre. I sweeten it with artificial sweetener, or honey, and add whatever fruit I have available. Here is my proven recipe:-
    1 Litre of Skimmed UHT Milk heated to blood temperature ( like the milk you would feed to a baby---2 mins in microwave).
    I scald a flask with boiling water, this firstly steralise's it, and heats it). Empty out immediately.
    Add 2 tablespoons of skimmed dried milk (to the warmed milk), and 2 tablespoons of natural, fat free, live, probiotic yogurt. ( I bought a tub of Yeo Valley from Asda for 50p.)
    Pour into the flask and screw on lid for at least 8 hours. turn into a tub and chill in fridge. It keeps for at least 4 days to my knowledge. Remember to keep at least 2 tablespoons for your next culture.
    I read that you could make 'Set Greek Yogurt' by straining it through a coffee filter...Yes I tried it..and yes it works. BUT I lost too much yogurt to the filter...not worth it in my opinion.
    If you need any more info....please ask.
    Feb. G.C. From Jan 26th £350.00
    First month..pure guess!! Wk. 1 £136.38 balance £213.62. Wk.2 £108.10p balance £105.52
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    Hi all. Managed to get a reduced pot of tomato pasta sauce for 51p will go nicely with the meatballs on the menu this month. Have planned out all meals upto the 22nd. The ice buns are delicious. I iced them late last night. I ended up with 21 from the receipe but next time will make them smaller. Has anyone froze them already iced??
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    Le_Foot wrote: »
    For anyone interested, I have been making fatfree yogurt in a thermos flask (no need for a yogurt maker)for the last month. I reckon it costs me 50p for a litre.

    Firstly, so pleased to hear you got the all clear. It's horrid having these scares hanging over you. You must have needed a break after that!! Hope you are feeling full of energy now.

    Thank you for posting the yogurt instructions. I was going to post to ask if anyone knew how to make it - I used to in the seventies but have forgotten just how!!! This list is excellent for getting answers to your every question, but answers to questions not yet asked??? Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know what you mean, I go in full of hope and then nothing. Tesco has a good reduction going on on gardening and picnic things, got a thermometer for 18p :). Netto today had some good prices, including 19p for 500g bag of penne pasta and 2 litres of milk reduced to 60p, worth a look if there is one near you

    No we don't have a Netto close to us. The nearest being one in the opposite direction to which we normally travel IYSWIM. I do buy special offers from the local smkts, in fact thats how I shop. I go round all the smkts in turn (not all in the same week) and stock up on the stuff I use regularly that are on offer plus any bits I need. For instance I bought loads of jars of Nescafe decaf (I know but I like it) half price months ago and I am still using it. I won't buy more until I find a good offer again. Sugar was 3 bags for £2 the other week in Wilkinsons so I bought 6 bags which will last ages as we don't use it in drinks and I rarely make cakes (too fat and OH doesn't eat them). I really think this way of shopping works well for me. I still look for woopsies but rarely do I find anything reduced that we would eat.
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  • ChesChes Forumite
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    Hi all
    Just aquick update on my spends £1 on 3 tins of heinz beans ( local one stop shop offer)
    And is it just me or does anyone else hanker after a pull along trolley?Is there a certain age you must be to have one?:confused: I am 35!
    I don't mind walking to town, and having to carry everything back ( this means i buy less!) but i'd love to have a trolley, so guess what i spotted in the charity shop today? yep you guessed it, a trolley bag, and it's very funky and bright pink!:cool: i am delighted with it and it only cost £5 bargin.:T:j
    Good luck with your month everyone, have a nice day

    I have a bright lime green one. My friend takes the mickey but I don't care. I tell her that if she can have a suitcase on wheels to take her bikinis on holiday I can have a trolley for my heavy groceries. Sometimes people are not logical. :eek:
    Mortgage and Debt free but need to increase savings pot. :think:
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