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  • Ted_HutchinsonTed_Hutchinson
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    I've tried Boots and a number of other shops for citric acid and they don't have it.

    Does anyone know where it can be bought?

    I also heard shops are reluctant to sell it because it was linked to some illegal activity. Is this true?

    We use it for
    Elderflower cordial which is really simple to make and much better then the expensive stuff. Our elderflowers are just about to come out so start hunting for the Citric Acid now.
    Last year we found it in a Health food shop but your right that the chemists don't stock it because of it's use by druggies.

    While the Elderflower cordial is best with gin it's also delicious on pancakes and icecream.
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  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    damp a cloth and pick up a good bit of borax on it and rub away at your bath

    if that doesnt work be careful that the stains arnt the glaze coming off
    if the glaze is fine hot water and a good load of bio washing powder

    let it soak

    if that doesnt work

    bicarb and vinegar on it leave for an hour

    that will work

    but before all that

    have you tried some bleach on the stains ;D
  • sidwynsidwyn Forumite
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    re the dishwasher

    I dont buy dishwasher powder  (ive posted this elsewhere)  my cuz works in unilever ellesmere port and told me its just soap powder  without the perfume
    so for 11 years Ive been using a teaspoon of soap powder in the dishy  daily.  and ive got sparkly plates

    What is soap powder? I've seen soap flakes, or do you mean laundry stuff? :-/
  • VelvetGloveVelvetGlove Forumite
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    Some really useful tips on this thread & in fact the whole forum!

    I have a plea direct from my mum. She has a Tefal Turbo Express & as you can see it isn't a cheap iron, but it makes her ironing less of a chore.

    Now on to the problem, the iron is in desperate need of a descale & we're not sure how to go about this Old Style. Vinegar? BiCarb? Borax? Strawberry Jam? (OK so the last one was a joke...wasn't it!? ;) )

    Hoping someone out there has the answers :) Thanks!
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  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    vinegar    the brown stuff will do !!

    works a treat put equal amounts of vinegar and water in steam chamber switch to steam leave on for about 5 mins then let it cool and rinse out
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    thin bleach in a spray bottle will keep a white bath white.
  • When I use vinegar to descale the steam iron, do I leave the iron flat on the iron rack to let the vinegar and water "steam" out a bit or leave it sitting up while it is steaming for the 5 mins?
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  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Anybody got any ideas as to what i can wash my cloth pc chair with? Its a bit minging to say the least!! Ive tried washing up liquid, washing powder, oxyclean but you can still see the pepsi stain that my son inflicted on it a few months ago.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Perhaps you could try leaving your chair outside for a couple of days Judi   :-/  ;D

    glad's stain removal tip

    I cant do that!!! :o What would i sit on whilst i am on the pc? ::)
  • I clean bins in the bath. I only use smallish plastic bins, so they do fit. After I've had a bath, I just dump the bins in the soapy water overnight. The next morning I drain the bath and tip the bins upside down to drain. This leaves the bath a bit grubby, so do it the day before you plan to clean the bath ;)

    Only do this if you use bubble bath/soap. If you use oily bath products, you'll get greasy bins that are a b*tch to clean.

    I think I'll try a vinegar rinse to get rid of any lingering greasy marks and odour :)
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