Freezing Rhubarb?

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    Freezing rhubarb is dead easy. You don't have to cook it or anything. Just place the stalks on an open oven tray and freeze for one hour, then put into freezer bags, tie them up, and bung 'em back in!
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    can i cut up rhubarb in chunks to freeze or is it best to stew it first?

    got a load reduced in tesco tonight, i will be using it for crumbles or some other pudding type thing.

    thanks in advance

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    Yes you can freeze it raw or stew it lightly first-whatever's easiest for you.
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    susiesue wrote: »
    can i cut up rhubarb in chunks to freeze or is it best to stew it first?

    I freeze it in chunks; that way it's easy to use as much or as little as I need ;)

    Penny. x
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  • Hi, with all the excitement of the Stig etc, I forgot to ask what to do with my fab bargain 25p rhubarb from Sainsburys! I prob should freeze it as [email protected] wont cook just yet but dont know if i need to blanch it first:confused:

    All help gratefully received x:D
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    I'm sure I've asked this before somewhere, and got differing responses. Some said just chop it and chuck it in the freezer, others said blanch it first.

    Does that help? :p

    I've just chopped & chucked. ;)
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    Hi Ted, could you give me some instructions for 'bottling' fruit please? We have taken on an allotment, which besides weeds, has a very nice line in raspberries! About 70 bushes to be precise! I love them and don't want to waste them.
    Many thanks
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