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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    She was gorgeous, but she seems to have grown up very quick now and turned into a man!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I know, i got into trouble from Candygirl for changing my avvie:rolleyes:
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    well i had no net for the night due to maintence in the area so havent had chance to catch up as off to work soon but spent about £10 yesterday mr s has there basic mince for 50p each (400g) so 8 of them happened to fall in my basket :D well you cant beat it at that price :rotfl: need to get a few things today like toms and cucumber (there 45p in mr s cheapest ive seen) anyway have a good day and i'll catch up later xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    Not sure what today holds- its raining again here :mad: :mad: , so more washing to dry indoors- its just not the same!
    We do need milk so might venture out later in the day to get that, although after yesterdays walk in the rain (twice as DS dropped socks and had to go all the way back to look for them, found only one, but the other had been in his hood all along!). Might nip into town as we can drive there (I tend to walk down the local town as its lazy not too and a waste of fuel really!) and it will save my poor back that has been playing up. Might pop to Lidl for Milk, not local stuff, but it will do!
    Anyways, curry for tea tonight, might do it in the slow cooker again, mmmmmmm but we will see :rolleyes: !
    Have a good MS day all of you :money:
    PS Liking blue text right now :)

    Added later---- well its not raining, actually was just overcast and grey clouds this morning, so washing out blowing on the line now :D :T :D
    Tried to strike through the angry faces but it won't let me lol
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    morning all,

    hoping for a low spend day, supposed to be going out for lunch but that depends on the weather.
    have more than enough dry and frozen food in to last the month and am still working thro my frozen and uht milk that i got free/reduced, fingers crossed i can come in well under budget as all the spare cash goes towards our honeymoon spends.

    annie123 - i do the same thing with loo rolls, normally check if lidl have an offer on charmin before i buy any more. tho at the moment i have approx 74 (OMG) in the house, 8 were free as got sent 2 of the moveme boxes from the freebies board.

    ioiwe x
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  • retrocirclesretrocircles Forumite
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    NSD yesterday, doesn't happen very often! going to do as many as i can though.
    found a tesco quite near my house, so plan to shop there instead of morrisons. hopefully it will make a difference! :)
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    mumzyof2 wrote: »
    does anyone know what i can cook with mince? except spag bol and chilli as i always tend to make those.. i cant make burgers etc either.

    Minced Beef Curry

    Minced Beef
    Curry Powder
    Tin Toms
    Frozen Peas

    Tin Chickpeas
    2 Sachets or 1 can coconut milk
    1 beef stock cube
    handful Sultanas
    Mango Chutney

    I make a nice minced beef curry its a throw it together recipe so I don't have exact ingredients, I vary the 'recipe' with what we have in. Basically I fry off an onion, add my mince beef and brown that off to, then stir in some curry powder (as hot or mild as you prefer. Add the rest of the ingredients and as much water to get it to the thickness you prefer. If its too 'spicy' you can add some milk to take the 'heat' out. I make a huge batch and freeze a couple of portions as it reheats well. We serve it will just plain boiled rice, OH sometimes has a few chips or a naan. Hope that helps, sorry it isn't a measured recipe, it is rather nice though, if I do say so myself :)
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    Morning all
    day off today, so should be my 2nd NSD, got the lst bits yesterday to keep me going from Lidl, spent £16.34 mainly on bread flour (only 48p) brought 10 of those, 4 pack of the ham (£2.19) which hasn't had water added as that frezzes really well and tastes good too and pack of 12 (i think) of theie toliet rolls £1.19.
    I have drawn up a plan of action for geting all the cleaning, baking, banking and packing that i want to get done today so i don't forget anything.

    So here i go just need to update signature first

  • Hi All,
    Another nsd day for me yesterday, thats 2 in a row, another planned for today and hopefully tomorrow too! Grey and miserable here today too, got dw and wm on, gonna go put bm on and do some hoovering before i pop out (a job interview)
    catch you all later, have a nice day

  • I see a few of you are planning on making cakes etc instead of buying. I find simple fairy cakes with icing go down well in this house, including any visitors!

    Another recipe I use is St Peter's Mud pie, its a no bake cake which is ideal sliced up in lunch boxes. Plus for those of you with children, its a nice treat with a bit of fruit in too.

    St Peter's Mud Pie (no cooking required)

    225g digestive biscuits
    55g glace cherries
    175g butter
    1tsp drinking chocolate powder
    115g caster sugar
    115g mixed dried fruit
    115g milk chocolate
    1. Break the digestive biscuits into smallish pieces.
    2. Wash the glace cherries of their sticky coating, dry, then chop them into smallish pieces
    3. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the drinking chocolate and the sugar to the pan and mix.
    4. Add the dried fruit, broken biscuits and chopped glace cherries. Mix until well blended.
    5. Line a 20-30cm round flat tin with foil. Pour in the previously blended fruit mixture
    6. Press down the mixture with the back of a spoon, once moulded to the tin base, put in fridge to set for about 2 hours.
    7. Break the milk chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl sitting over a pan of simmering water.
    8. Pour the melted chocolate over the top of the chilled mixture and spread using a palette knife. Chill until set. Cut into pieces and serve.

    If you havent got anything in your cupboard and you had to buy everything it would cost you 3.67 from tescos.
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    Just thought I'd pass on a couple of recipes that I have tried out lately, mainly due to the cost of energy going up. I thought I'd give my bread and pizzas a go in the frying pan and it is actually better than using the oven. I make the dough in the BM (but you could do it by hand) and for foccaccia bread I add rosemary, olive oil and basil (got it growing in the garden ;) ) roll it out and out it in a large frying pan with no oil, just dry fry it on medium/low. After a couple of minutes (using a fish slice, just keep looking at the bottom to check it doesn't burn) pop it under the grill to do the top. Its quick, cheap and tasty, also good for you as there is no fat involved in the cooking process.

    I do naan bread like this but add onion seeds and yoghurt to the dough.

    Pizzas are the same, do the bottom the add your tomato sauce and mozzarella and herbs and do it under the grill.

    I got lucky on the asda butter at the weekend and bagged 10 packs and put some in the freezer.

    I'm really going to try this month as I haven't managed it yet but luckily I have stocked up on just about everything and got stuff growing so if I don't do it this month I probably never will! Good luck everyone :)
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