Malicious seller, really need help

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This probably partly belongs on the techie board but it all started on ebay,
I bought something which didn't cost much so no big deal. When it didn't arrived I asked for tracking number to chase it up with RM. Seller phoned and said something about comp from RM. I bother just wanted to track pretty item if pos.
Several emails politely asking for tracking number from receipt given breezy brush off.
After finally getting it by hassling my local delivery guys weeks later I left him a fairly innocuous neutral feedback and forgot about it.
got unpleasant email and responded politely saying had only given neutral not negative and he should be aware of tracking numbers.
Since then wierd number withheld phone calls. a couple more shirty emails and an odd change to my user name which I didn't do and is non complimentary. After telling him to leave me alone he came back with another username he appears to trade under. At this stage I felt worried and contacted ebay. Complicated stuff from them about tracking down all/any remaining messages with 'headers' took hours and apparantly didn't work. Last I looked he's got my neutral down as 'private'
Added to all this my PC has been acting up like it has a trojan or something. Today I can't get into my ebay account as my password seems to have been changed.
I think I've got a problem with a nutter who seems to be able to hijack accounts and info. No requests for password update/reset being answered by ebay either. Someone suggested he could actually reset that to all come to him. This is way beyond me.
What on earth shall I do?
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