June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Morning all,
    Well I have deliberated and the like :rolleyes: , and decided we need £250 for July please, Angelnikki (just realised you are helping MrsM out- thanks for doing that)- this will include all food, toiletries, pet food, baby supplies etc. Our July runs 26/05/08 to 30/05/08 and so is a 5 week month.
    Hope everyone is managing ok, not got time to read all the posts at the moment but will hopefully get a chance later.
    Ta ra for now.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    AngelNikki, Please put me down for £200 again for July
    I'm hoping to come in well under budget next month but DH comes home tomorrow for 28 days but the cupboard are bursting and have enough meals cooked for the month so once I have done my final shop today I should only need F&V hopefully. :rotfl:
    Good luck to everyone
    :grouphug: hugs to everyone who needs then.
    Want to in control of my money.
  • Justamum wrote: »
    I've got a fan oven where I can't switch off the fan too. It's got a nasty "hot spot" too (I thought fan ovens weren't supposed to get those :confused:). Anyway I bake my bread at 180C for 35 minutes - maybe a couple of minutes over if necessary - and it comes out perfectly. Most recipes say it should be baked at something like 230C which I've always found much too hot.

    Justamum-- same for us- the top shelf always cooks quicker than the bottom which isn't meant to happen! :mad: I will try your idea- its all a bit trial and error for me as I am not an experienced breadmaker :o

    Angelnikki- have let MrsM know my July amount and I can'' highlight red at work but its £200- ta-- you are really an :A for doing the recipe list too.....

    ... talking of which Weetabix brownies! can only echo DeniseF-- recipe please!! :D (:rotfl: at the thought of losing weight!)

    Am going to beetle off and do my multi- shop shopping list for this week- may be bigger than expected but some restocking required (why do boys perpetually have their heads in the fridge- and the cats do secretly eat at night I am sure...!)
    June Budget= £151.41/£150:cool:
    10 NSDs (with teenagers :eek:!!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!:A
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    Morning all!

    Thinking of MrsM this morning...hope she had a safe journey and is with her family now.

    :grouphug: hugs to anyone else who needs them too and hello and welcome to all newbies:hello: (I only started this month too and am totally addicted already...you have been warned!!!;) )

    Another NSD for me yesterday in the end (6 in a row now! :A ) but will definitely be buying that water today as have to go and get my DS some new sleepsuits-he is only 10 weeks, but into 3-6months already lengthwise!

    I won't be declaring June until Monday but seeing as everyone else is posting their budget for July and I have been thinking about it I might as well get it down 'on paper' before I change my mind!! Sooooo.....

    Please put me down for £150 for July angelnikki (running from 1st-31st)

    I am hoping to come in under this (aiming for nearer the £100 mark) as we have plenty of cat food, dog mixer, laundry and dw detergent etc and the freezer is full to bursting, but we will need some baking stuff, tinned dog food, water, milk and fresh fruit as I have changed our box delivery to only veg since we eat more veg than fruit and you always get apples, nanas, oranges and pears (not exactly seasonal!) and I want berries at this time of year....especially as we live in the berry capital of Scotland (if not the UK!). And we also always get fresh fish on a Friday (around £15 for the month).

    I am not changing our household budget to reflect this, though and will still withdraw the £200 at the beginning of the month and just hide the extra £50 away somewhere (need to start trying to save something for when my maternity money stops in December!

    Right, think I have gone on for long enough this morning!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    I'm still on the June budget with £29.71 to spend and very proud as it was my first attempt and I had a weekend away feeding an extra mouth.

    I'm going to stick to starting my new budget from the first of every month as I'm self employed so it makes no odds, I'm skint all the time!

    Quick baby update I meet the midwife on Friday and I feel as sick as a dog, that's probably why I have managed so well on this months budget as I haven't wanted anything to eat!
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    Originally Posted by angelnikki viewpost.gif
    wendywitch I think most people start their new month straight after their payday and include all grocery shopping after that HTH


    wendywitch wrote: »
    Drat though I was going to be clever then. :o Oh well from today it is.
    Just have to work out how to do this signature thing now . . . .

    lol! It shouldn't really make any difference, as you'll do a big shop (I guess) next pay day - which will be in the calendar month of July, so it will all equal itself out overall:D Pay day here is 23rd of the month, but I was planning on running my gc as month end to month end (started 1st month - June on 31st May as I had a big shop delivered), but am now running it 4 weeks from then, so I'll start July on June 28th and run probably until26th July.

    It's a matter of choosing what works for you and sticking to it to get a true comparison time-period to time-period, I guess:D

    Denisefowler quote: Up at 5.15am this morning with hubby, so have cleared the kitchen, put dishwasher on, hung up washing from last night and put another one on ready for when I get home, so feeling quite chuffed - hope it's not worn me out and I can stay awake this afternoon - anyone else REALLY tired at the moment?

    Yep- I am Denise - whatever time I go to bed I keep waking up at abut 5.30 (after waking a couple of times or more in the night). Sometimes I doze on and off until 6.30 (like today) - but I am permanently running on low energy levels atm - just wish I could get a full, decent length night's sleep!!

    And how can anyone lose weight whilst doing GC?? - all these yummy recipes - I've never baked goodies so much:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Oops - need to change siggy - forgot spends on ice creams whilst out on Sunday :-((

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    Hi AngelNikki,

    can you please put me down for £300 for the month of July. My June challenge runs until 30th so will post my final figure then. Well stocked up but have a Tesco coupon to use so should just scrape in under June figure.

    Many thanks for stepping in for Mrs Mc - like all of us I'm thinking of her and her family.

    Have good day everyone.
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    morning all,hope everyone is feeling well today,thanks for all the welcomes! im really enjoying being part of this challenge,and am quite proud of myself as i cooked a roast chicken dinner yesterday and then boiled the carcass to make a stew for tonight,all done.i also managed to make a yummy granary loaf in the BM,just got loads of housework to do today as up to date with washing,god bless my twin tub! will get as much done as my LO allows between feeds etc,hope you all have a great day,zoe.x
    family is me,oh,16yDS,10DD,9DS&17month old DS,2dogs,3cats,4bunnies,5 ex battery hens&5fish.GC challenge-/£300:pspends already this month-animal food-£28,mr T shop-£119.plus local shop spends total spent £257,:j
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    Niki - Can you check I have £150 next to my name as I think i have put that as my target this month?

    I never have done this before but im going to start drawing out £37.50 a week and whatever i don't spend of that £37.50 i will put into my piggy (sealed pot). This is if i can afford it lol.

    I might be off to tesco this afternoon thats if my tesco £5 off voucher arrives in post from my friend.

    I will be stocking up on tin stuff and also my weekly shop. Don't know where Iam going to put it though.

    Anyone have the millies cookies recipe (i have seem to have lost it)?
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    thanks for tip Denise will do that i know what i am like need to get local paper later so will get some teabags then know if will be a bit dearer but wont come away with anything else whereas if I popped to Sainsburys I would have to have a look at their specials this week and I dont need them!! I shall keep chanting this to myself all day!!! not sure if it is same as weetabix cake will look out recipe and post later
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