June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Mummy Gems - Like Linzmac says finger food at that age is the key, for the adults, cheap choc gateaus are good, (save energy whilst you can! Mr A does one for £2) hoe about smart price white rolls (mr a 24p) or hm if you are saintly cut in half and on top, cheese spread half a grape and a mandarin slice (smart price tin think is 17p) it looks special and goes down a treat. For the kids, bread sticks (think there is a recipe on here) dips (can make own) my munchkins are a little older but how about a mixture of sandwiches cut into "soldier fingers" IYKWIM. quiches, pasta salad, and chunks of cheese (not on sticks obviously) but kids do like cheddar, you can buy like skips or teddy crisps and Mr a does smartprice "dolly mixtures" they also go down well with kids in tubs. fairy cakes (hm are really cheap) with a small amount of glace icing and dont forget Jelly and ice cream. oh well am sure you can come up with more but this is a start for you, all can be made in little stages so when your little one needs you, you dont feel you cant be there for them. HTH Dink

    Thank you very much. I shall keep a note of the items you mentioned and have a wander to Asda and Tescos over the next couple of days to see what they have.

    Next thing is to try and make my own cake in the shape of a no. 2 AND ice it :eek:
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Prayers for you and your family Mrs MC.
    Safe flight and I hope the next few days treat you gently.
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    Thank you SAV3R for the recipe, I clicked your thanks button :D

    I've had a look at everyone monthly target to try and work out one for myself and I think my family size is closest to MAMA67 so I'm going to attempt £250 but I might be a bit out cos I have 2 dogs and a cat to feed but no husband (long story there say no more).
    Oh and my budget will basically included all household stuff you can buy at Tesco's eg toilet rolls, washing powder etc. Hope I'm not over stretching myself. :rolleyes:

    Do I start from the 1st of July and not count the big shop I'll be doing this week cos it's pay day tomorrow??

  • Hi Everyone
    I have been introduced to the GC by my good friend ifonlyitwaseasier and would very much like to give it a go...determined to reduce my money shopping bill as it’s been going up and UP AND UP!!!:mad:
    We are a family of two at home, myself and my 6ft 2 teenager son who despite his slimline appearance eats for 4!!!! My biggest downfall is the ‘flight shopping’ popping into Mr T etc after work for a pint of milk and coming out later with much more than the milk I went in for..soon adds up doing this a couple of times a week on top of my weekly shop!!
    Mrs M please can you put me down for £180.00 for July?
    I am currently spending around £220.00 after adding up my receipts..not good and definitely needs reducing, I have just got my 1st BM..yey..really enjoying making my own bread which is coming out really well thanks to the recipes/help on here.
    The chickpea and chorizo stew ifonlyitwaseasier brought in for lunch today was fantastic..yumm!! It’s my turn next week and I am going to bring in Staffart, a Maltese stew. It’s nice and cheap, makes a good pot full and tastes even better the next day heated up. For anyone who fancies giving it a go here is the recipe..

    Enough for 4
    A couple of chops (traditionally made with rabbit but I don’t like it)
    A large onion chopped
    1 teasp of mixed spice
    1 teasp of curry power (more if you like it hotter)
    1 tablesp of tomato puree
    A hand full of peas
    A good handful of potatoes chopped into large chunks

    Fry chops until lightly brown in saucepan, remove
    Fry onions until softened and then add spices, puree and a little water and cook for approx 3 mins
    ¾ fill saucepan with water, add chops, potatoes, peas, salt and pepper
    Cook until the chops are cooked and tender and the potatoes are soft
    Mush up several of the potatoes to thicken the stew, break up the chops into chunks
    Serve on spaghetti with plenty of HM bread!!!

    Good luck for July everyone! :T
    July budget £180.00 spent so far £13.82 :j
  • Mrs M - My fingers are crossed for you - hope you have a safe journey back! Take Care!
  • Opps not sure what happened to my message and the format..forgive me everyone whilst I get use to this!! :A
    July budget £180.00 spent so far £13.82 :j
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    MrsM my thoughts are with you - I hope everything turns out okay with your sister.

    2 adults and 3 children DD (14), DD (12) & DS (10) :smileyhea and 2 mental beagles.
    Paying off debt bit by bit
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    :grouphug: Hope everything turns out ok MRS MC, thoughts and prayers with you and your family:grouphug:
    'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle'
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    wendywitch I think most people start their new month straight after their payday and include all grocery shopping after that HTH

    determinedtosticktothis You can edit your posts by clicking on the edit button on the bottom right of the post. You can delete posts by clicking edit and then clicking on delete and then on delete message. Thanks for the recipe ;)

  • Our garden is overrun with strawberries...don't mind eating them but would love to make a jam or jelly for OB's toast-his weekend treat.
    Any ideas????
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