Booked a VW Camper Van, West coast Scotland tips pls

in Scotland
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Hi there
Well Ive booked a bright yellow VW Camper van for a week 25th July.
We pick it up in Carlisle and the plan was to do the West Coast of Scotland.We have never done campervanning before nor have we done scotland. We usually just camp in a tent in the lakes or N wales.
So we could do with some hints, tips, maybe a weeks itinerary (baring in mind we will prob go no faster than 50 mph on a good rd!). We will be taking two small dogs.

We basically want to try and be out in the wilderness. So we were planning not to stop at campsites, however that will make it difficult to wash haha!! We will save Edinburgh and Glasgow for city breaks at another time.

We did think we would try and drive to John o Groats on the first two days, going up the middle (sat nav says 8.5 hrs ish) and then slowly come back down the west coast. If we can get on one of the islands with the van that would be fab too.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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  • West Coast, hmmm, take some midge repellent, midge repellent and midge repellent.

    Beautiful part of the country though, Plockton is worth a visit and Skye is probably easiest isle to visit - quite stunning too.

    p.s. did I mention midge repellent?
  • take the long road to cambletown,this should take a while from carlisle,plenty of wilderness on the road too.
    you can also cut down driving time if you get the ferry from gourock ( i think) permit granted!
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    You could go up the A82, through Bridge of Orchy, Glencoe, through Fort william, take the road to the isles. Stop off in Arisaig and Morar and then get the ferry across to Skye. Drive through Skye and take the bridge to Lochalsh. You can then go further North or head back to Inverness. I'd really recommend Ullapool and Gairloch though. The North coast is stunning but the drive will take longer than sat nav tells you. Single track roads, sheep, caravans all slow the journey down. If you do go North Durness is one of the most beautiful places on earth - gorgeous beach.

    One tip would be fill up with petrol whenever you are in a town because petrol prices in the North of Scotland are scary. And midge repellant...! Lots of it!
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    If you find yourself in Speyside, the Whiskey trail is recommended. Not remote and wild but lovely country.
    You could do worse than follow the coast round from John O' Groats to Oban.
    The journey between Ullapool and Inverness is one that I adore and also between Killin and Fort William.
    Your average speed will be a lot less than 50 mph as you will be stopping for the dogs and for photo stops as well as the stuff that cazzie mentions.
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    My mate has just sold his VW camper due to how thirsy she was so, indeed, keep and eye out for petrol station siting and prices as the prevous poster says.
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    Inerness to fort william is worth seeing, check out Nessie:eek: From fort William head west to Malaig, stop at the siver sands of Morar, follow the river for a few hundred yards and find Loch Morar. Look out for Morag (Loch Morar's monster).

    Whatever you do take your time and rememember many roads are single track. Your on holiday so please let the locals past.

    Have a great time

    Just A Grumpy old Jedi
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    Definately the road to the isles and Skye, Isle of Arran is lovely too.
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    Glen Coe, Skye and Ullapool (oh, the beautiful sunsets......) are all a must in my book.

    The midges were really biting last night - just pray for sun or wind (but not 'that' kind of wind :D)

    Hope you have a safe and enjoyable time wherever you decide to go.
  • West Coast, hmmm, take some midge repellent, midge repellent and midge repellent.

    Beautiful part of the country though, Plockton is worth a visit and Skye is probably easiest isle to visit - quite stunning too.

    p.s. did I mention midge repellent?

    Yeah. . . dont forget the midge repellent . . . industrial strength :eek:
    The west coast is beautiful you will enjoy it.

    Duffftown highland games is on the 26th of july and Aberlour the saturday after, if you are in the area, Speyside on the malt whisky trail.
    Vampires Rock :eek:
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    the midges are REALLY do take precautions !

    Midge net

    Midge repellant for self and campervan - eg citronella oil is great to 'dab' around window frames etc - I use it neat ob myself too

    Antihistamine and soothing lotion/cream in case the little boogers do get you and you're one of the unlucky ones to come out in massive itchy bites you'll need something to calm them down
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