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Hi there I'm looking to help my parents change there current suppliers, British Gas, becasue we all know that they are a rip off but the sites I'm searching only show online plan can anybody point me in the right direction as we where i can look and not get them an online plan thanks for your help


  • The recommendations for 'switcher sites' on MSE all allow online checking - but a phone number too:

    Energy Helpline Cashback 0800 279 45 46
    Save On Your Bills Cashback 0845 331 2034,
    Energylinx 0800 849 7077
    Uswitch 0800 093 0607
    Buy 0845 601 2856
    Simply Switch 0800 781 1212
    The Energy Shop 0845 0450160
    UK power 0800 0932447
    Switchandgive 0845 0840 300
    Unravelit 0845 120 2056

    Why not ring up (I'd choose the 0800 ones first) using your father's name, tell them you're not online and compare phone quotes?
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    now now, no scottish power plugs pls.

    and yes WE do know that simply switch are affiliated with scottish power.

    personally i find ukpower to be one of the better sites.

    as for giving your fathers name, it is not necessary for the comparison. simply give the properties post code and annual consumption. do not give names as you may find that your father gets 'accidently' transferred.
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  • ;D You wont go far wrong with Scottish Power, especially if you can get a capped price. ;D
  • Called Scottish Power a few evenings ago only to find out that there are going to INCREASE THERE PRICES as from March next year not figure given but was told by about 9 %
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