Digital TV Cost Cutting Article - Discuss What You've Been Offered

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  • Tried that USwitch thing - rubbish. They recommend Freeview after checking our postcode. Really? Well goodness me, I never even considered that :wall: *sarcasm mode off*

    We can't get freeview in our area. At all. So why is it recommending it??? :mad:
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    I phoned Sky. purely to enquire whether the 'Build Your Own Package'
    was available to existing customers or only new customers. The person I got asked for Card no, full name and address, password (long forgotten!) and the security question which could only have had one possible answer - which she said was wrong, and bank details. I said I was only enquiring and didn't see why she needed all that. " You no give me bank details, I no tell you information" I put the phone down. Still no wiser after emailing Sky and not getting a reply.
  • I used to subscribe to Sky but left.....they just got too expensive, Like a lot of providers they rely on the Inertia of customers to "not be bothered" They continue to send me paperwork tho' "Fabulous Offers at 50 pence a decade"<<< I paraphrase more than a bit I rang them.

    " seems that you are an existing customer"..."does it now...I haven't been with you for nearly two odd" and so on. The upshot being that I was told that each property can only have some of the new offers once (there was a long and tortured story about the drive to get everyone on digital or something like that)

    So I negotiated a deal with NTL…I don’t know if its good or bad but it seems reasonable to me.For £60 a month (£48 for the first 3 months) I have the Movie package, 2 Gb broadband and the 24/7 phone package where calls to UK landlines (ie starting with 01 or 02) are free.

    I’m always on the lookout to improve my lot but going to an alternative cable supplier is out because NTL & Telewest have the monopoly according to postcode you get one or the other …not a choice between them. This cannot be the vest thing for healthy competition.

    So ..the question is…. Does anyone have any ideas of a competitive alternative in the Bolton area, because I’m stumped and don’t like a choice of one…it makes me nervous. All my attempts at multi-sourcing the elements of my package invariably result in a bigger bottom line.
  • I've been on the email list for a long time, but this one prompted me to sign up.

    In the email, Martin says
    By far the cheapest multi-channel operator is Freeview; it’s now easily possible to get a Freeview box for £30 (see Great Freeview hunt, for discussion of the cheapest and best). This then gives access to all eight BBC TV channels, digital radio and others such as E4 and ITV2 without a monthly fee.
    Whilst this is probably true, it's not always that simple.

    The Freeview box will cost anything from £27 upwards, but you may need a new aerial, an amplifier, a new downlead etc. These all cost more than the kit used for analogue, partly because of the interference you need to cut out. The CT100 or foam filled double screened cable costs more than the stuff at the back of Woolworths, for example.

    Digital Terrestrial is something we should all be looking at. Whilst some homes will get all channels out of the box, some will need the aerial checking or the cable renewing. I'd speak to a local installer or independant retailer first. The chances are you'll get the BBC multiplex what ever the situation.

    Also, because you don't get five on analogue doesn't mean you won't get it on digital. Your aerial may need realigning, but there's still a chance. :)

    Where I live we only get two of the six multiplexes, and my Dad down the road gets only one. Yet, about 500 yards across town someone gets every single channel going. The terrain plays an important part, and according to all the postcode checkers none of us three should get a saussage. Local retailers and installers will have an idea of who gets what and where.

    Digital Satellite may be worth considering. As shown, it's not always Sky who you need to go with. The BBC/ITV platform will be interesting when it comes out. The Satellite FTA boxes are really good, if a little more complexed than the Freeview ones. :)

    Just wanted to mention it before anyone cancels Sky and then can't get ITV2 any more. ;)

    (Martins email has reminded me to cancel the Movies channels! Great site and forums by the way!)
  • I am currently receiving my digital TV (Family Pack - £30/month), telephone and 1MB broadband via ntl:. I phoned them after reading this article to tell them that Sky Digital could offer me the same channels for £21/month with free installation. After explaining that I didn't particularly want to switch if possible they then offered me an £8.50/month reduction - something I think they call their '3 for 30' discount. The operative gave me this discount with no resistence whatsoever, and even asked me whether there was "anything else" (I got the distinct impression that he meant discount-related). I didn't have anything, except to ask why I had not been receiving this discount all along if I was entitled to it because of the combination of services I received. The response I got made me realise why so many of us read this site:

    "This discount is reserved for people who ask us for it "

    My only other question after this was is there anything else that I would be entitled to if I asked for it. He said no, I thanked him anyway and now I'm saving £102 a year! :j
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    Cor - that was a good call then. I'm a bit confused with ntl and telewest. Are they the same thing? As far as I know we are still with telewest. I have phone, computer and tv. When I rang yesterday as I'm possibly going back to BT with onetel was told I don't get any allowance for having the threesome package. Has anyone had any experience with pushing telewest down? :beer:
  • Hi,
    Been avidly reading all these threads from you brainy people but am a little confused about one thing.
    When I joined Sky it was purely because I had moved house and had no signal. Decided to go for the Movie Package initially, being an avid film fan, but have now watched all decent films ten times over and thoroughly disillusioned with the whole thing.
    Truth is I'm a very boring person who could happily live with just the usual terrestrial channels, if only I could retain the picture quality.
    So, the question is, if I cancel my Sky subscription completely, what will I still be able to view through the satellite box? Or does the box belong to them and they come get it?
    Probably daft questions, but would appreciate any comments
  • Good news. The box and dish are yours and you will be able to receive all the terrestrial and free-to-view channels as well without any subscription. Your sky viewing card may not allow you to do this forever though (someone correct me?), but should be good for a few years and then need replacing. I have just bought a replacement card (with a yellow house on) for my system
  • Sincere thanks for that Mr Badger. I'm gonna go make a phone call now!!
  • For existing Sky users to "upgrade" to Freesat, you only need pay £20

    Additionally for Sky Plus users you can keep your sky plus subscription too!

    Confirm this from a posting on the Digital spy web site:

    "yes, you can have a sky plus sub without a channel package. After 2 hours of being passed from one department to another they finally admitted that you can have the sky plus sub by itself even if you have just downgraded your channel package from sky world to freesat. So there ya go, it shows that perseverance does pay off in the end
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