Digital TV Cost Cutting Article - Discuss What You've Been Offered

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This thread is specifically to discuss the content of the
Digital TV Cost Cutting Article
and to discuss what deals you've been offered to help others in their haggling.
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  • raebleraeble Forumite
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    It is a well known fact that if you phone up threatening to cancel Sky the cancellations department will offer you three months half price or something similar. Never pay for the maintence of the box because you can get them to fix it for free if it stops working and you phone up to cancel because of this. You may have to say you can't afford it or something. You do have to be firm in your intention to cancel, and slip into the conversation descretly what you are willing to accept and know what you are talking about. Of course you might get a miserable blighter who doesn't offer you anything. However every single time I have phoned up to cancel sky, they have offered me three months half price (about 5 times). I now no longer subscribe to sky but they have sent me a letter offering me three months half price if I re-subscribe for three months - trying to get their christmas figures up methinks.
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    I had the full movie package inc Disney, I cancelled the movie package unfortunatly I now have to pay the £10 for my Sky+

    BUT It is still cheaper to pay the £10 sky+ fee and to rent movies from Tesco DVD rental at £7.99 a month for unlimited discs the faster you get them back the more you can watch.

    But unknown to me:

    I had recorded a ton of movies from sky before I cancelled my package hoping to watch later, sky had a block put on these, meaning even though I had them recorded to hard drive on my Sky+ I couldn't play them back after I cancelled.

    One to me for saving money and one to sky for closing a loophole.

    So if you have any movies make sure you get them off your sky+ hdd before you cancel.
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  • gatra_2gatra_2 Forumite
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    Oh I forgot to say

    I'm now enjoying up to the minute movies just as soon as they are released and not have to wait for them to finish on box office first before finally coming on to sky movies.........
    Chocolate is the solution to all life's problems. Life happens, also coffee helps.
  • I just received 25% off for the next 12 months from sky for the sky world package. A saving of £127.??
  • deanosdeanos Forumite
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    The freephone number in Martins article for Sky was turned off about a month or so ago and is no longer in use
  • I've been on the Sky half price offer for about a year now!! :) (Paying about £18 for the Sky with Movie + Disney channels package?)

    Basically, I phone up when there's only a month left of the half price offer and explain that the line rental is too much so I'd like to give my months notice. I explain that I can afford the half price but not the full price and as I've got Sky +, it's work out just as much if I dropped to the lowest package (Sky + is free if your package is over £30 but you have to pay an extra £10 if it's under £30).

    They might try to offer you 40% off instead but if you persevere and ask them to speak to their manager then they'll usually cave in! They will always try to make out like they're doing you a major favour and they'll use all kinds of excuses to get out of it like saying they can only offer it a certain amount of times or it's only available to people that haven't had an offer yet. So far we've had it about 6 times so DON'T BELIEVE THEM!! If they really won't budge then say you'll think about it, and chances are when you phone back you'll end up speaking to someone else!!

    One word of warning though... one time they didn't offer it so I said 'fine, I'll go ahead and cancel' thinking I'd just phone up a few days later and try for the offer again. As I'd gone into 'cancellation mode' they took me off of the half price package I was on (not sure if they were allowed to do this or not?!?) and I had to re-instate my account before I could threaten to cancel again (which I did a few days later and got the half price deal again anyway!! ;) )

    Hope this helps someone!!!
  • I have normal Sky and Id like sky plus. How do I get it without paying the £80+ they want from you as an existing customer.
  • bobsa1bobsa1 Forumite
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    I'm just coming to the end of my six months half price. They rang me last week and I said I was going to cancel. I know have anothr two months at 40% discount. Not great but not bad.
  • tintin Forumite
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    Just one thing I notice slips through a lot in these forums so I thought it worth mentioning:- If you cancel an active (normal) Sky package your card turns into the same as you'd get with "freesat from Sky". So DON'T fork out the extra 20 quid if you decide to go down that route.
  • Maplin electronics are launcing a Free to Air Digital Satellite Kit
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