June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Ha, thought I had got to the end, only to update and find it has now gone onto page 26:eek: ... I have had to skim through the last 5 pages as I thought I would never catch up, but desperately wanted to read them. Hopefully changing jobs soon but will never be able to keep up then, so will have to learn 'quick skim':rotfl:

    Another NSD today for me, but bit of a cheat as hubby brought maccy D breakfast this morning out of his 'going out' money (I refuse to pay for them out of the grocery money) We haven't had one in months, and now I remember why - tasted like rubber, but the coffee was great.
    Also went to London today for a class, but lunch for me and my friend came out of my business account and was already budgeted for when I booked (as was £10.50 train fare) so that was OK - spent about £13 for 2 of us, including a glass of cold beer, so not too bad.

    Must do a shop tomorrow though as I now have NO milk, bread, flour, tea or sugar and am very low on potatoes too. Hubby working so can go without fear of added bits ending up in trolley:D . Will probably stock up on as much as I can without spending too much.

    I want to start getting some store cupboard stuff together but not in one go, as I can't afford to. I am going to look for bargains where possible and get those. I'll let you know how I get on;) . Going to do a 'stock check' of all I have in cupboards at the moment and go from there.
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    I'm in can you put me down for £150 again please.

    I'm trying to catch up with the thread but it's so long:eek: i've managed page 1 so far.:D
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    Morning all :hello: Off shopping later for bits and bobs and hopefully not spend too much. Looking forward to this months challenge :D

  • Mrs McCawber could you pls ad me to the challenge for June, I am going weekly at £100 pw for family of 4 + cat - we all seem to eat different meals in our house, me a veggie, OH on diet, 1 child doesn't like dairy the other doesn't like onion - so it can be pricey - time to take a reality check. thanks.
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    It'sthe first day of my first GC so wish me luck .I usually do a big shop today but I have a ton of food in the freezer and store cupboard,so I'm hoping to only have to buy fruit,milk and bread for this week:eek: (I'm usually Mr.T's best customer popping in every day and spending a fortune so that 'll be hard not to do.I'm going cold turkey so will do my shop on line so I'm not tempted)
    .I'm not a great cook but I will try some new recipes and hope for the best.I've tried to bake bread a couple of times but it always turns out wrong usually like a brick so any tips on very easy bread baking would be appreciated.And if anyone could point me in the direction of easy treat type recipes that would be great
    I've opened a seperate bank account and put my monthly budget into it so I can't fool myself by forgetting;) I've bought somethingI'm sure I'll mess up this month but hopefully I'll learn alot.
    Thanks to everyone who's posted .I've taken alot of inspiration and tips from your wonderful posts.
    Good luck everyone x
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    morning all, even tho its a really miserable one out there!
    welcome to all the newbies :wave:


    this is the recipe that we all use to make twinks hobnobs. they're dead easy, and taste lish!!

    8oz sr flour
    8oz sugar
    8oz porridge oats
    8oz margarine
    1tbsp golden syrup
    1tbsp hot water
    1/2 tsp bic soda
    mix flour, oats and sugar, melt marg, syrup and water in a pan stir in bic soda and add to dry mix, mix well, make smallish balls and put on greased tray and flatten slightly with a fork, 180oc for 15 mins, cool on the tray, you just want them golden in oven not brown

    tips on your food shopping......ALWAYS go with a list and only buy what's on it! thats the golden rule!! and plan your meals for the week, using what you've already got in your freezer and cupboards, then you only need to buy bits to go with what you've got to make a meal up

    right, better get on, so i'll catch you all later. hope you're all enjoying the rain!! ;)

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    Thanks mandymoo.
    I have all the ingredients so will try them later today.They sound easy to make but if you smell burning later you'll know it's me baking:D
    No list when shopping is my big problem I tend to throw everything in the trolley and arrive home to find 10 bags of sugar in the cupboard:o
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    Can I join as well please?
    First timer so I'm going to try £300 this month. Thats for 4 of us (me, DH, 2 teenage DD's) 2 dogs and 1 cat.

    I really need to get a grip on this as I usually start well, and then half way through the month I think 'what the heck' and go and buy chocolate! hopefully having to write it down will focus me a bit.:D
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    Test of resolve today. Eldest DD is coming shopping with me :rotfl:

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    Morning all. A good day yesterday avoided the supermarket when i went to fill up with petrol. So easy to pop in to see what offers they have and end up spending £30 +. Just went to the garden centre and spent £10.26 on one tray of plants, gardening gloves and trowl. my son took my trowl to school for arceology (spelt that wrong). So no spend on food. Today i won't be going to the shops. have a joint of beef to cook and need to make sme cake & bread. Children go back to school tonight so just myself & hubby next week. have left over meals planned out of the freezer till Thursday. Have a good day.
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