Moving so setting up home!

hi all, thanks for reading this.

We are moving house again! (don't ask), but this time I AM going to be more os and organised. I have worked my way through loads of threads, and will join some of the challanges (flylady, grocery), but have a few questions that I hope someone could answer for me.

Asda v Tesco - I have been going to Asda for years, but wondered if Tesco is that much cheaper - I buy a lot of own brand/sp stuff and have worked out what we like and what we don't like so was wondering if it would be worth trying to switch - I would have to shop online as I can't get to Tesco!

Monthly bill - my first monthly household/food bill is going to be HUGE. Apart from a few toiletries we have nothing - so including everything I can think of (food, toiletries, household, baby etc) we are going to be spending about £300 - this does include stuff that will last a couple of months - but do you think this is terrible? I have tried to get it down, but some things just cost so much.

Well, thanks for any responses - will be boring you all from now on!
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    I am sure you will be getting lots of good advice from the experts on here, I am still learning but what I would do is make a list and add to it when you think of something else you need and not just to buy on impulse. A lot of people make meny plans, so write out a 4 week menu plan and then shop for those ingredients, but you might like to buy staples like pasta, rice, stock cubes, salt, pepper, some tins. Just do it in stages, you might not have to room to fit it all in. And if you shop online for Tesco, you can always find a free delivery code on here.
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    Do you have Asda online near you? if so you could do a price comparsion with If you have a real budget doing online makes you stick to it. Another thing to remember is Asda don't charge you extra if a subsistution is more but Tescos do.
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    just though id let you know on the freebie thread there is a moving house site freebie thingy, that if you give your moving date, old address new address and email they will send you a box free with tea bags, kitchen and toilet roll, biscuits , cleaning products etc, ive recently moved so have apply, but reading the thread loads of people have already recieved these boxes. hope this helps and its free.
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