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June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    ooooooooooh, razra they sound yummy, think they might get made tomorrow, as well as the shortbread from much earlier in the thread
    (can you believe its not even june yet and there are 24 pages already!?!?!?!)
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  • funkyfunkymonkeyfunkyfunkymonkey Forumite
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    razra, I have just printed your recipe and am heading to the kitchen now :j

    FFM :)
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  • razrarazra Forumite
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    I really hope they work for you:o Im really nervous now in case they dont:o

    I made them and they were scrummy:D
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  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    oooh razra those ginger nuts sound lovely.....i've copied and pasted your recipe into my recipe folder, so they'll be getting made one day next week me-thinks :D

    i only popped on here to update my spends, and there's LOADS to catch up on again!! can't believe we have so many doing the GC now. i'm so glad i've found this thread, cos it really motivates me to "think" before i buy something! my shopping habits have changed so much since i joined this thread a couple of months ago, so thanks to all of you for all your support and advice :T

    well, back to today...... i got a flipping spag bol out of the freezer for tonight's tea, only to have DS say he doesn't want it cos its too warm for food for like that :rolleyes:...........well, it's going in the fridge for tomorrow then, i don't care if there's a flamin' heatwave, we're having it ;)

    can i just say WOW Mrs Mc you're 'potio' looks amazing, thanks for the photos you've posted on here. my little veggie 'potio' looks teeny next to yours :rotfl:have you managed to pick any spuds yet? i'm desperate for mine to flower cos then i know they'll be nearly ready to eat :D

    don't suppose you're growing beetroot are you? i don't know when to pick that!! and i've got a tub growing rather well

    well, hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, just wish it was warm enough to sit outside, but it's always really breezy here, cos of the sea

  • beemuzedbeemuzed Forumite
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    So, first spend from June's money - £60 exactly in Mr T's. Was very aware of how many prices are on the increase - and that was before I got to the fuel pumps! Glad I'm not including fuel in the monthly challenge!:eek:
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  • SuziQSuziQ Forumite
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    Went to Iceland for first time in around 18 months today,have just opened a new one alongside our market. Had some pretty good offers- Velvet toliet rolls,12 for £3.50 (always buy toilet roll when I see a good offer as it dissapears so quickly in this house) 24 Ross irish recipe frozen sauasges £2 (my kids loved the sauasage casserole I did last week so are lookng forward to more of those) 16 ross fish fingers £1,quorn pieces 50% free £2, baking spuds 2.5 kg £1.25,and I bought a huge pack of proper scampi (my daughters favourite) for £4-will split easily into 4-5 portions. My upright freezer is stuffed now though so no more bargains allowed by me. I am taking it off this months total as I don't shop on a sunday unless it's an emergency.

    quorn curry out the freezer and cupboard tonight-did it last Sat and it was super yummy,I have some whoopsied mini nan bread that were in the freezer 20p last week,so nice cheap start to the month.
    My kids say they have never eaten so well-thing is,I am actually cooking now,rather than just reheating,little bit of effort but so satisfying when on see the empty plates and bin!
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    hi there Le foot

    here you go..managed to track it down :D I have got the proper version and my [STRIKE]cheaper[/STRIKE] hmm economical version ;)

    serves 4
    per serving -2WW points -128cals
    • 200g chicken breast
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 2 egg whites
    • 750ml chicken stock
    • 250g creamed sweetcorn
    • 1tbs cornflour
    • 2 tsp soy sauce
    • 2 spring onions- sliced finely
    1. place chicken in processor and blitz until finely chopped
    2. add salt
    3. lightly beat the egg whites in a bowl until foamy
    4. fold into chicken
    5. bring chicken stock to the boil
    6. and add creamed corn
    7. dissolve cornflour with a little cold water
    8. add to soup and stir over a low heat until thickened
    9. reduce heat and add the chicken mix -breaking up with a whisk
    10. allow to heat through -without boiling
    11. season to taste with soy sauce
    This really is a lovely soup -and hubby reckons better than the takeaway one :p

    Right my cheaper version is,
    • boil your chicken carcass to make stock as normal and strain.. place back on heat, grab a tin of sweetcorn (tip it into a blender with its liquid and blitz so that some is pulped and some stays in kernals)-if you have a lot of stock then i use 2 tins.
    • tip it into the stock, and heat through, thicken with cornflour -again how much depends on how much stock you have...
    • season (it does need quite a bit of salt), i add all the little bits from the chicken when i strip the meat off,
    • sometimes i also throw a handfull of frozen peas in and the darker bits of the spring onions
    • plenty of soy sauce -although this will lose the lovely yellow colour
    I also do these recipes but break up some fine noodles into at the stock point so they have chance to cook:D

    Todays is ready ..hubby is prowling the kitchen as we speak as the loaf has just come out of the oven and he has to wait until its cool enough to cut :rotfl: ..bless him anyone would think i never fed him :p

    Hi Mandy_moo..thanks..i have got carried away..have stuff up the other end of the garden too :rotfl:
    Nope I haven't had any potatoes yet but they have buds on :j so hopefully it won't be long...haven't done potatoes before :T have 4 varieties set and some more to shove in tomorrow too :D
    Im doing beetroot too... you will know when they are ready as it pokes out of the ground like raddishes... make sure you are consistant with the watering mind as they can split or go woody if they don't get enough - this is only my second year of growing anything..but my 1st year i got some yummy tiny betroots but not very many...hoping for better this fact i must get some more seeds soaking to plant tomorrow.. not sure where -but i will find a gap :p ...hmmm next door is empty ....I wonder :think: :rotfl:
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  • pink_princesspink_princess Forumite
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    MRS M is there any-chance you could post your recipie for the southern chicken please ,and thanx for the bread stick recipie made them today and there lovely (eaten 2 already).
    Thanx for the ginger nut recipie i ll try that when i have chance ttfn.
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  • carolt2carolt2 Forumite
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    Good Afternoon everyone.

    Just popped in to update signature.
    Went to mr T this afternoon after taking OH to work.

    Total spend £37.27.
    This included all our fruit and veg which will last for over a week, cat food etc . Managed to get a few good offers.
    They are selling pack of 8 pork steaks for £5, Not a bad offer seen as it does 4 meals each.

    I used one of the vouchers for morrisons £5 off £30 spend that i had and the cashier was abit unsure about accepting it, however as I mentioned earlier in this thread my local mr T has a big banner outside main entrance stating that they are accepted.
    After I asked her to check with her supervisor and he checked with someone else they deducted the £5 off my shopping:j .

    I know its only £5 but it all adds up. Have got another voucher for next week but wont need to use it til nearer the end of the week.

    Thank you to whoever posted re vouchers in "the sun"? today for a free loaf of bread.
    Mentioned it to OH last night and he has been given a copy of the paper.
    The company he works for has papers delivered for customers to read.
    He opens and closes the building so if any are left he grabs them for me to read,, and collect coupons;)

    Signature updated
    'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle'
  • victoryvictory Forumite
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    post 426 mrs m meal planner...can anyone help me as to how I print that post and that one only as it is reaming me off pages of threads and I ONLY want one, please help:D
    WENT to morrisons and the leeks have gone up from £1 or so for 4 to £2.47 for 4 now!!! Did not get them or their over prices toms or the oat so simple sachets that you could pick up at iceland 10 sachets for a £1 are now £1.85 or £2.72 for the bigger value 20 sachets, found morrisons to be expensive today and shot up in prices. Got loads of bananas from the market for £1, 2 lots of rasberries£1, strawberries £1 , that is more like it, used the voucher from the sun for the £5 off but still very unimpressed with the prices at morrisons, you really had to be on your guard today, no more just put it in the basket, check check and re check the prices and see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere x
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
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