LLoyds TSB charges totalling £180

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I have successfully reclaimed bank charges from Halifax and Lloyds TSB last year. However, I incurred a bank charge last month of £35.00. This left my account overdrawn and led to more charges. I have now received a letter notifying me that £180.00 will be taken from my account next week. I wrote to them explaining the situation and that I am not able to pay this. They responded they will not be able to resolve my complaint at this present time and that the amount will debited from my account. Any advice will be appreciated.


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    they have had over £3000 in bank charges from me, im trying to get my head together about how to go about starting a claim, but im scared to do it wrong. They are taking another £300 from me 1st june:mad: I also wrote to them explaining that they are taking the money from my benefit, and im getting furher behind with rent/c cards etc, and they also responded they willnot be able to do anything at the present time.:confused:
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    Both of the above posts, please read Martin's guides (links in my signature) and then come back with any questions.
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