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June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • pink_princesspink_princess Forumite
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    yes the new months here at last,
    :hello: to all the newbies and good luck with your first challenge
    well i ve done my first big shop of the month ,it includes most things i need for the month(hopefully) and i also got whoopsied mascapone 10pence so i ve just made a vanilla and also a lemon cheese cake ,
    while i was in the kitchen i gave mrs mc s cheese buscuits a go and they are lovely i definatly recommend them and thanx for the recipie my other half loves things like this and spends a fortune on packaged ones,
    any other recipies like this would be great ,
    does any-one have a cheese straw recipie they wouldn t mind posting or bread stick s please sorry for being a pest

    oh and an update the mr t toilet rolls haven t been noticed so i ll save myself a fortune there
    good luck for this month:T
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • gunsandbanjosgunsandbanjos Forumite
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    PPI Party Pooper

    Question - does anyone use mysupermarket? - and is it good? Do you still get your clubcard points?

    mysupermarket is one of the best inventions ever!! And yes you still get clubcard points because once you go to checkout you are re-directed to the actual Tesco site so from then on is it is business as usual:D
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  • cookinmummycookinmummy Forumite
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    JennyBee wrote: »
    I use mysupermarket but I don't do my shopping online. Instead I use it to check prices and deals and then print out the shopping list with all the prices on when I'm done. Don't know about clubcard points, sorry! :)

    Ahh very clever JennyBee - I'll give it a go - didn't realise you could print off your list!:o
  • tylersbabetylersbabe Forumite
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    Hi All

    Well can't seem to find myself on list so am posting my budget for June again :o

    Please could you put me down for £60

    Hope this is Ok Ta very much :D
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  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    I'm in, back up to £260 please and remind me never to go for such a silly low target ever again!! My budget is for 2 adults, 2 boys (who may aswell be classed as adults as they eat as much) 2 large dogs, 1 lizard and a hedgie. All meals inc packed lunches.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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    Pink Princess - here you go

    The bread sticks are :-
    • 150ml warm water
    • 1/2tsp dried yeast - i use 7g of fresh
    • pinch of sugar
    • 225g plain flour
    • 1tsp salt
    • 2 tsp caraway seeds
    Just dissolve the yeast n sugar in the water and throw into the dry ingredients ...nice n simple :T ... knead for a couple of mins -then divide the dough into 20.. usually about 20g each...
    roll into long sausages -about 12" and place on a greased baking sheet -i use a non stick liner ;) .. and wang in the oven at 220c/425f/gas7 for 10-12 mins
    When you are rolling them out you do need some flour but try not to use to much as they just slide about :rotfl:
    when they are first made they are slightly chewy but When mine are cooled i keep the wrapped up in a clean tea towel so they stay crispy..a bit like grissinis ...only nicer...I have altered what seeds i use before...
    I have done them with poppy seeds too, without the caraway seeds and with 10g parmesan and 1 tsp of mustard seeds - they are rather nice.. and with poppy seeds
    Hubby munches them all week -much better than the salted peanuts he used to demolish ;) and lovely with tzatziki and dips mmmmmmm

    I will dig you out a recipe i have that are like cheese straws too..but hubby likes them made spread with a bit of marmite..but i bet ketchup or chutney with the cheese would be nice too :D

    Well i have got to the end of 5th NSD in a row :j but tomorrow i will HAVE to do some shopping...poop :rolleyes: .. have had a field day using up odds n sods.. still have a 650g salami/chorizo to attack mind :rotfl: can feel some lemon potatoes, salami in spicy tomato sauce fresh bread with oil and balsamic to dip it in, a bowl of salad leaves from the garden and other tapas type bits.... hope its warm at the weekend then we can eat it sat outside :T
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  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker

    just made a danish apple cake (supposed to have prunes but i used currants) from the two fat ladies gastronomic adventures book

    i was going to type it but found someone already had on this site...

    tastes lovely, all i changed was using currants and mixed peel (MrT vaue) instead of the prunes and slightly less sugar over the top :D
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  • egonegon Forumite
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    I am in with 250 pounds.
    I wish Germany had a website like moneysavingexpert!
  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    Got a bit of a list so...deep breath...aaannnnnd.....GO!

    1. Posted this on the May thread but thought it may be of use here too.
    I saw these on the tv over the week-end--thought they may be of use to peeps with small..or no..gardens.
    2. Welcome Newbies:hello: & Good Luck! It'll all seem very strange for a while, but then :money: becomes second nature:wink: And don't be afraid to ask questions---I still do, cuz our tastes are changing from what we've always had.

    3. Those who are trying to shed lbs alongside saving ££, have you checked out the Weight Loss Old Style thread? Quite a few of us are over there too, so call in & say Hi:D

    4. Also check out the Celebrations & Special Occasions thread for ideas on :money: gifts. Folk have made up some truly amazing hamper-type gifts for things like engagements, baby, etc.

    5. I use washed out jam jars for my budgetting:p mainly cuz I used to pick up the wrong purse when I used those:eek:

    Oooohhh....s'pose they are my Five Top Tips!!

    Angelnikki Social Services used to fund some child care, if there was a genuine need... it's been a while since I worked in a pre-school, but it might be worth investigating.

    Yesterday I got the grow bag & Iceberg lettuce seeds, plus a strawberry plant in a pot so my veggie patch looks like it's on Amber Alert:o I also got a new spray bottle so I can start making up my own anti-persp/deo out of witch hazel & water again:T

    Put some baby spinach in yesterday's beef lasagne, along with some of the usual 'extras';) then used the last of the mince today for burgers. I was particularly sneaky today tho, & used dried soya mince+couscous soaked in boiled water to 'encourage' the mince further:shhh: Splash of Lea & Perrins & good shake mixed herbs served with MrT value rolls [29p for 12], baked beans & HM cheesy chips:j

    Also found an ood strawberry jelly in the cupboard, so made that up with half dozen fresh strawbs & some black grapes in the bottom for pud. Plus there's an individual one for an offspring's lunch box tomorrow, made in a plastic cup!

    OK...I'm going.....see you tomorrow m'be:p , but I'm hoping for nowt more than a newspaper & the local rag spend-wise.
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  • funkyfunkymonkeyfunkyfunkymonkey Forumite
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    May is a 5 week month for me, so won't finish until next Monday. Could you please put me down for £200 for June as it is a 4 week month. Thanks Mrs M.
    AMAZON SELLERS CLUB member 0077 come and join us :hello: make some space and get hold of some cash, we're on the ebay and other auctions, car boot and jumble sales board.
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