childcare for 11 years plus

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My son is 11 and in year 6, I don't work at the moment. I do need to start thinking about getting back to work soon though.

I was wondering how other parents manage to juggle work and the needs of children this age?

I gave up work when he was 3 so I'm out of touch with available child care options. It seems to me that there is little provision for secondary school children. It does seem a bit brutal for a child who is not quite 12 to have to come home to an empty house every night!

My son is capable of letting himself into the house, getting a snack and watching TV for a while if I'm out at work till later that evening. It does seem a bit lonely for the poor tike though. Then there's the mornings - I'd worry that he wasn't eating breakfast properly if I had to leave the house long before he did. To add to the worries, he has special needs and needs more care than most, he's not very independent. When I was his age my Mum was a school secretary, so she got home shortly after I did. Perhaps I should look at slightly shorter hours ie 25-30 a week so I get home in the late afternoon.


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    my children are very young but there are no breakfast or after school clubs where i live, so if and when i do go back to work i am in a similar position to yourself

    my suggestions would be - contacted any local childminders to see what age they take children on to

    working school hours - tho that'd still leave the holidays but we have holiday playschemes in our town which run till kids are 14

    best wishes :)
  • What sort of special needs - does he have a Statment for SEN? Locally there is some after school provision for SEN children in some of the schools.

    Some parents also get 'direct payments' for so many hours a week childcare for children with special needs. Talk to your local social service department - there is usually a Child With A Disability Team who can do an assessment and may be able to help.

    Good luck with it.
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    Once a child is over 8, they don't have to go to a registered childminder - it's between the parents and the childcarer. I only know this because my next door neighbour had the same problem when her 11 yr old went to secondary school and it wasn't convenient/safe for him to make his own way to his old childminders. I offered to look after him after school, on a temp basis to start with, but now it's permanent. We came to an agreement over money (I do feed him well and he does eat me out of house and home ;D ) I'm a SAHM so I'm here anyway.

    Maybe you could ask around some friends or neighbours or even at the school? If there is someone you trust in the same positionas me, they may be willing, especially if it gives them a couple of extra quid in their pocket each week.

    Just a thought. Hope you get it sorted :)
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