So overall what did you think of the series

Overall I hought it was very good especially once they ditched all the silly 'in fills' that were in the earlier programs .. there is so much important material that these 'fillers' were just a distraction from the real message. Also at times I have no idea were some of the numbers came from ... Martin talks that fast (even after playing it back :)).

Looking forward to the next series. Can I maybe suggest you look into the following
- the cost and necessity for car servicing
- rising mortgage application fees
While the program is presented as 'fun' (which is good) maybe have a serious section looking or expanding on a specific topic.

Well done Martin and Ruth.

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    Overall, I think the series was very informative, Martin & Ruth also made it a lot of fun, which I really enjoyed. To me Martin's enthuseasm regarding money saving is very infectious! and gave me the push I needed to sort out several things which needed addressing.
    I personally have picked up an awful lot of info, which would have taken possibly many months to sift through on the forum itself.

    I'm very pleased that Channel 5 extended the series, I think Martin deserved that. I shall look forward to the new series in September, and my only hope is that the programme will be allocated an hour slot, and can be repeated on Fiver (as it's now called) in the same way as The Wright Stuff is.

    All in all Martin, Ruth, and ALL involved in IPTW, you did a great job in showing people that saving yourself a few quid isn't really that difficult, if someone like Martin is there to give you some tips along the way.
    The entertainment value was a bonus in my view.
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    Well I am ashamed to say that I have never watched the programme until last night, and I caNT believe how informative it was, Im sorry now that I didnt tune in every week but I can tell you I will glued to it in September, I just wish it was on for a bit longer I was so into it. I will now go and sort out a cash back card again, I did have one but then they wanted to charge me #20.00 per annum so I cancelled it, nice to know there are cash cards that are free. Thankx Martin.
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    Needs A L O N G E R Programme!
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  • Perhaps ditch the celebrity money makeover as most of them look seriously underwhelmed when told they could save 1-2k per year as some of them must be on 200K + per year, would be better to use ordinary bods as the money saved would be more useful?

    what do other think?

    Suzi xx
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    Definitely agree that the programme should be longer - Martin seems to have so much to cram into half an hour and I'm sure there are lots of other things he could go through on each topic if he were given a longer slot. maybe an hour would be to long - I think 45 mins would be about right.
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    Perhaps ditch the celebrity money makeover as most of them look seriously underwhelmed when told they could save 1-2k per year as some of them must be on 200K + per year, would be better to use ordinary bods as the money saved would be more useful?

    what do other think?

    Suzi xx

    I have to agree, i think saving someone from the audience money instead would be far better as they are the average people.

    Great show, enjoyed it, and saved myself over £1200 a year so far. Thank you Martin. :T :money: :T :money: :T
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    I think it should be longer to be honest, surely theres more he could cover
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    I've thoroughly enjoyed ALL the IPTW programmes, the 1/2 hour on line ones after the show too. It's been so informative, but I'm so pleased dear Martin managed to slow down a little so we could understand and 'take in ' more of what he was saying. I understand why he was like it, due to the time factor, but he listened to us and I think that is wonderful.

    If the celebrity's wallet part were to go I wouldn't mind, but I think I can understand that Martin possibly thinks it's a way to show us all that it isn't just 'us' that needs to be shown how to work our money; I'd imagine it's also a bit of a viewer numbers puller.

    Thank you Martin and Ruth, you've put everything into a fantastic and marvellously informative programme and I can't thank you enough for all the money you've saved us for which my hubby and I are so very grateful. Very many thanks indeed.

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    I echo that the programme needs to be longer. It always sounds like Martin is in a rush to get all the info across, which comes out as sounding too pushy in my opinion (some of the celebs faces sometime - lol!) - though I understand you have to get the message across - and drive it into them... Sure it is good advice but to the general public it's a bit of information overload!

    Obviously the programme is done on a budget, and it shows, but it's a very good show to help average Joe.
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    i really enjoyed the supermarket episode--i think dressing it up as being greener as well as moneysaving would be good otherwise it appears a bit of a tight wads programme
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