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    To get the programme together in such a short space of time is phenomenal!!!
    Everyone involved must have worked really hard to prepare everything neccessary to get the show on the road, so to speak.
    I have already added my views on the series on the IPTW thread, so just to say, I loved the programmes, and will miss them on a Wednesday night, but I'll be looking forward to 17th September when it returns, hopefully with an hour slot!

    Martin, Ruth and ALL involved, well done, and thank you also for the humourous parts! :T
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    I have really enjoyed the programme, but have to sky+ it so that I can watch it in peace (and also to make sure I don't miss it :p ). I have taken on board lots of the advice and also sat there smugly saying "ooh, I do that!". My youngest children know Martin by name now whenever they see him! And my youngest son has most definitely caught the saving bug!! Roll on 17th Sept:T

    Well done Martin, Ruth and the team :beer:
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