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in N. Ireland
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I had been happy with them for years but they totally f****d up on me and put me in a very embarassing situation and would do nothing to help resolve it ... apart from try to charge me more money.

I suppose it is horses for courses.  If you have found someone that meets your needs then go for it.

Don't waste time on other peoples first world problems


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    I am treated as a person with Ulster Bank and not like a number.......(Halifax etc)

    They may be very pleasant etc. but branch staff are increasingly losing authority to make decisions or use discretion. Virtually everything is now done by computer decision making or head office referral.

    And how the hell does it cost £7.50 for someone to press a button to cancel a DD / SO? And they also have the balloons to charge me 50p to transfer money over the internet banking when it's me doing all the bloody work!
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    Yellowmoon04 - You must be MAD. I have been a customer of the Ulster Bank for 40 years and am presently seriously considering a move of my business account, my loan account and my personal accounts together with those of my wife and daughter. Surely you must realise that to even consider taking this action after 40 years shows that there is something wrong at Ulster Bank.
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    Just remind me again what the interest rate on an Ulster Bank current account is?
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    I'm getting a good deal with Ulster Bank at the moment

    Just remember - that even with the U First account, they are charging you £7 per month to do things that other banks do for free - eg free transaction banking, account maintenance, and you still have to chuck £4.50 away to set up a direct debit.
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    You suckers over here are getting maced by your local banks in comparison with the mainland banks and they aint no angels.

    I love living over here and never want to set foot on the mainland again but but I checked out opening a local bank account, it would have been stupid, I keep my banking back with the mainland banks.

    I think they have had the N.I people for mugs for to long and you all deserve better.
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    The internet banking doesn't work for mac users, which is a shame.
    They say it's a security thing- but other Banks (Egg) don't have a problem.
  • i have used them for about 10 years now, and generally they are alright but, I hate their ATM ministatement system, which takes about 3 days to update when you take money out but yet they still konw, eg:

    say you have £200 in the bank,
    take out £150 on a tuesday,
    check ministatement on wendesday, still says £200 so try and take out £100 cos the ministatement says you have it and the bolldy thing tells you insuffient fund.
    well if i have insuficient funds dont keep it a secret let me know on my ministatement.

    this hasnt effected me in a while but when i was a student sailing close to the egde it was a real pain in the !!!!!!.

    appart from that branches are friendly etc, but i dont keep much money with them cos of crappy interest.

    overall 7/10
  • "I'm getting a good deal with Ulster Bank at the moment and thats my point. I walk into my branch, I'm known by name and I like that".

    Most of my work colleagues know me by name too.
    stay lucky!
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    They must have decided to remove it themselves, it's not something that has been done by myself.

    Sorry can't help you with that one I'm afraid :(
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