May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    My total spend so far is £2.49 will update sig later and im away from fri-sun so wont be spending any/much until i get back
    Sealed Pot dec 08 - dec 09 so far £27.67, Live off £4k Spent £330.20 GC £1,200 for 2009 Spent £50.78 PaD so far £650.07
    Debts: L/woods £154.00 C/One PAID O/D £649.90 Next £299.95 O/D PAID Gas £72.60 Electric £155.73 Mum £640.00 Orange £490.32
  • dink1dink1 Forumite
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    Hi Turbo5019 could you pass the recipe for the orange and choc muffins they sound yummy. Many thanks
    JanGC £250/£82 far:weight loss 1lb cc250/£86/cm40/£9.50 :A
  • Hi all,

    Just been to Mr T's for some necessities. Managed to pick up quite a lot of bargains too! Spent £43.92 in total. Best buy was probably 4 chicken legs for 99p......hoping to stretch the meat over a couple of meals.

    Also bought some veggie plants and seeds to for £30 so that should help over the summer....... looking forward to picking kiwis off my own tree again!

    Ginger x
  • JennyBee_2JennyBee_2 Forumite
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    Would have been an NSD for me again today but was thwarted by DH dropping his razor this morning and breaking it! Needed some milk and peppers anyway so popped to Asda....spent £14.58 but got some salad stuff, beanburgers reduced from £1.88 to 86p, 3 loaves of bread (for the freezer) for 57p and some mozzarella down to 76p.

    Sausage and mash tonight with the left over sauce from the sausage casserole we had last month. DH will be grateful I froze that and didn't chuck it down the sink!

    Got something to save for now - planning trip to Oz to see the in-laws in 2011. A long time to wait I know, but we're going to try and save up rather than having to put it on the credit card! So savings target is £3,000 at the moment! Fingers crossed! :o)
    Jonathan Douglas born 20th January 2009 - 9lb 4oz
    Alexander William born 30th December 2012 - 10lb 2oz
    GC June 2014 £79.04/£150
  • Mrs M. can you put me down for £200. first month so this is a wild guess. ta. wtm.
    May Grocery Challenge £200....(£222 final total....including almost 600 loo rolls) :eek: :mad: June £200 (104.79)
  • MudbathMudbath Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    I can't believe what a difference this challenge is making. I've already done a big food shop which will last two weeks apart from a few bits like fruit. Normally in the first week of the month i'd have spent double what we have so far and consequently end up throwing stuff out. I've not bought any sandwiches for lunch either which is saving £2.50 a time. I'm really impressed and hope to come in under budget so will reduce it next month. Mind you, famous last words!!!!
  • turbo5019
    Here is the recipe for Glamorgan Sausages:
    Glamorgan Sausages Serves 4
    You Need:
    1 medium onion, finely chopped
    6 oz (175g) cheddar cheese, grated
    10 oz (300g) fresh breadcrumbs (save some for coating)
    3 eggs (I find 4 binds better) beaten
    2 tablespoons olive oil for frying
    salt and pepper
    pinch of dried sage
    pinch of mustard powder

    1. Mix together the onion, cheese, most of breadcrumbs, most of egg, salt and pepper (pinch of dried sage/mustard powder if desired). Divide the mixture into 12 pieces and roll each portion into a small sausage shape.
    2. Place breadcrumbs on large plate. Coat each sausage shape with remaining egg and then press on a coating of crumbs.
    3. Heat about an inch of oil in a large saucepan. Fry the sausages for 5-7 minutes or until golden (I find they fry really quickly, so make sure you watch them). Drain onto kitchen paper. Serve hot or cold.
    Can freeze, then cook from frozen.

    OB told me April was a five week month for our GC so we actually saved an extra £50..Just added it to our total C.A trip savings... Fantastic!!

    Martin's IPTW programme was interesting but we tend to follow all of his tips already. He's already saved us lot a fortune. When I look at our shopping list we buy so many basic products as a result of the drop a brand challenge, meal planning, MOCs and can't wait for our garden produce..

    Keep up the good work everyone!!!

    JennyBee-You can do it. What an incentive.

    Wannatravelmore-Where to?

    :cool: Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
    Stockpile Savings: £89.72 Voucher savings £8
  • JennyBee_2JennyBee_2 Forumite
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    savingfortravel - The amount that you manage to save each month is a huge inspiration (I don't mean that to sound gushy!) It just shows what can really be achieved with a bit of planning and something to aim for! :)

    I also agree about IPTW - having said that, maybe it'll encourage more people to join here and do even more. DH sat on the sofa smugly and said "we do that" at most of it!!

    1st batch of hob nobs in the oven - what sort of quantity does it make? I haven't got many on a tray as these things always tend to spread about a bit. I also lost at least 3 due to "taste testing" by DH - he's like a small child when it comes to cake/biscuit mixture!
    Jonathan Douglas born 20th January 2009 - 9lb 4oz
    Alexander William born 30th December 2012 - 10lb 2oz
    GC June 2014 £79.04/£150
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    Phew! I have finally caught up with the thread:p

    Sosh - thanks for the tip on the 5L bottles of squash, I'll definitely get that next time. You get into a routine of always buying the same things don't you? That's why this thread is so great!

    PPM - the quick herb bread and the sweet bread variation look and sound delish - will be trying those very soon! Ideal for BF's lunch box.

    Mandymoo1 - Glad Ruby is feeling better - I hate it when my doggies aren't well or hurt, their little faces just melt your heart, they can' tell you what's wrong poor things :A

    Clair2305 - I have successfully frozen both weetabix brownies and Twinks hobnobs - I have also been known to eat twinks straight from the freezer and to heat the brownies up from frozen in the microwave and have them with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream - nomnomnom :D

    Mrs M - thanks for the courgette bread recipe - looks YUMMY!

    Right, I'm off to update my signature. Have been trying to decide whether to add my magazines to my food budget and have decided I will as I only buy them when I go food shopping and they often lead me to buy more food! Including them in my budget will encourage me to subscribe to save money - or not buy them at all! But I do get a lot of pleasure out of them - as do my friends and family when I try the recipes!;)
  • superspamsuperspam Forumite
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    Oh yes, I forgot - I was thinking of making a quiche at the weekend and was wondering, if I portioned it up, could I successfully freeze the individual portions once cooked and cooled and then just take them out one at a time as needed? I have no idea if you can freeze quiche!
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