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Where on earth do they get their figures from? According to their site, a 3 bed semi costs £397 to heat with an old cast iron boiler, and £259 with a condensing boiler.
My semi has no cavity wall insulation, no double glazing, a 20 year old cast iron boiler, and as I'm at home all day, the heating only goes off at night.
My gas bill is only £220!


  • Our actual annual gas consumption for 3 bed detatched bungalow, no cavity wall and simple loft insulation equates to £365/annum. A 30 year old conventional boiler. I understand, could be wrong, that an efficient conventional boiler is as efficient as many condensing boilers. Have not mentioned discounted life cycle costs, condensing boiler manufacturers and installers rarely do either. ;D ;D
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  • There's no question that condensing boilers are more efficient, (~95% compared to 60-70%), but it seems to me that alot of people are wildly exaggerating the size of typical fuel bills in order to exaggerate the cost saving. I'm finding much the same thing with cavity insulation. This is all going to get environmentalism a bad name in the long run. If changes are justifiable on environmental grounds then they should be justified on environmental grounds, and not with specious economic arguments.
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