May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Finally gave in and went to Tesco accompanied by the rest of 'em in helpful mode. Stuck rigidly to my list, said no to just about every question but still ended up with £5 of coca cola (only 4 bottles), £5 pre-made chicken kievs (only 6 of them) and Birds Eye potato waffles. Still it could have been much much worse. Total spend £63.46 but as I had £50 in vouchers only £13.46 was from this months budget. Now stocked up in case of a siege.
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    PVFS- Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome also known as ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    I know ME very well as I had this when I was a teenager just before it became a certified illness. Back then it was known as Yuppie Flu and they assumed it was all in your mind :rolleyes: I was off school for over a year, went back part time then full time and had frequent relapses for years after if I pushed my limits. My thoughts are with you.

    Sorry bit off topic everyone :o Back on topic I will be batch cooking some savoury snacks and some traybakes tomorrow. As the freezer is now packed I won't be able to freeze any but I don't expect my Oh or the children will complain :rotfl:
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    Moniker wrote: »
    I tried this today angchris, but it was a bit runny. The batter wasn't firmish at all and I think I should have drained off some of the syrup from the peaches. Having said that, it tasted great even if it looked a bit odd, and both my DH and MIL (always hard to please) said they liked it! Result!

    Yesterday should have been a no GC spend for me but I bought the tin of peaches from Tesco for the above recipe so I'm off to add the extra 16p!



    glad you liked it, my lot get a bit bored with the same old puds week in week out, but this cobbler was nice for a refreshing change and it was cheap to make ;)

    i`m still managing fine with my budget and more impotantly im still not smoking it has been 15 days now woohoooooo:j :j
    After looking in my cupboards/freezers this morning and scratching my head and wondering what to make for tea i came up with stovies. i really enjoyed this as it made a nice change from the boring old predictable sausage and mash + veg.

    2lb potatoes
    1 lb onions
    1lb of sausages (can also use leftover meat or a tin of corned beef)
    mixed herbs
    2 stock cubes

    peel and slice pots and put a layer in a baking dish followed by a layer of sliced onions followed by a layer of diced bangers and season with herbs/salt and pepper.
    keep making layers until you run out of ingredients but make the final layer potatoes, then give a final sprinkling of herbs and to finish pour over a pint of stock made with the 2 stock cubes (i used beef cubes but i dont suppose it would matter if you used chicken or veg)
    dot the top with butter if you fancy then stick in a medium oven for 40/45 mins or till everything looks like it has cooked and serve with veg or beans etc...
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
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    kiwi88 wrote: »
    Back then it was known as Yuppie Flu and they assumed it was all in your mind :rolleyes:

    Still the same now unfortunately :rolleyes: I was referred to the specialist in Nov (9 months after I had got ill) and have only just got a pre clinic questionnaire through that I have to fill in and return within a week. It's over 20 pages long! Not sure how anyone with severe ME is supposed to manage it! Maybe if I fill it in right I'll get to see the consultant :confused: Who knows... My nice doctor offered me some anti-depressants to sort it out though!! :rolleyes:

    Sorry to go off topic:o

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    Just in to update siggy! I have been lead astray by a fellow G challenger no less! I must confess that I spent almost £5 on a slab of goats cheese when I met Mr & Mrs Weezle today at the farmers market! Now in my defence I didnt realise it was quite that expensive until it was cut & it was a treat as dont usually buy stuff like that but flipping heck that was alot!! I will now have to be fabulously good and eat some of the stuff I have here! Which dear reader is food in abundence! Never mind, lesson learned!! Its yummy cheese though!!
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    where can I BUY whetgerm for one of the recipes on this thread and what is it? cwhere should I LOOK for it?:rolleyes:
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
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    Try frugal snacks like salted peanuts, homemade pocorn ,bombay mix etc as well as the sweet stuff

    Sometimes men don't get it! Mine hinks i've gone mad but doesn't complain when month end comes and theres money left!

  • Hi everyone!
    Spent £4.70 on salad, branston pickle apples etc.. to go with cheddar and OB's HM bread (first attempt-turned out really well) for our Ploughman's tea. Not on meal planner but delicious. We'll have what was planned another night.
    Hope everyone is ok.
    Will update my sig
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    victory wrote: »
    where can I BUY whetgerm for one of the recipes on this thread and what is it? cwhere should I LOOK for it?:rolleyes:

    We bought a big bag in holland and barratt. Its a ground part of the wheat kernal.
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    Hi all:j

    Am doing well this month and long may it continue:rolleyes:

    Had an ace dessert tonight (not normally a dessert person, but couldn't resist this one)
    100grams plain choc
    300ml ready made low fat custard
    2 bananas, peeled and sliced.

    Melt chocolate over a saucepan of boiling water.
    Put custard in a bowl and gently stir in the choc to create a marbled effect.
    divide the banana slices between bowls, then carefully, spoon over the custard and choc mixture.
    Serves 4.

    Trust me, its heaven:D not sure why you have low fat custard though when your adding chocolate:rolleyes:
    The first time we said hello, was the first time we said goodbye. As the angels took your tiny hand and flew you to the sky-you forever left us breathless. RIP my beautiful granddaughter :(
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