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I want to know why, when paying a credit card bill, nowadays, my bank doesn't show the payment made into the account on the day that I paid it. I always pay it 4 days prior to the date it is to be in by, allowing for the transfer as explained on the back of the bill.

I contacted the bank and they say it is the norm, but I have been paying my credit card bill this way for about 2 years and have never had this happen before.

Usually, when I make the payment my current account shows it going out and my credit card account shows it going in, both on the same day. To me this is the norm. I think the banks are making money from this kind of action, as it goes out of my account and does not appear anywhere for 4 days, so what is happening to it? Are the banks investing it for that period and reaping the rewards? If so, cheek! :eek: :mad:


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