Makes/models of dishwasher - recommendations?

Hi there,

Our dishwasher (apparently 12 years old and inherited from previous house owner) has packed in and the repair man isn't sure how much it'll be to fix it.

Just to find out if anyone has recommendations for a good reliable make/model of dishwasher?




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    I've had two Bosch dishwashers (two properties) and had no problems with either. A house we moved into recently had a Whirpool already installed and it doesn't wash as well as either of the Bosches.

    Based on that, I'd say a Bosch, but go for one of the simple ones as most people don't really use more than one or two programmes.

    Hope that helps.
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    I have a Bosch and would recommend one and I would get a Siemens or another Bosch next time.
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    Bosch ! Bosch ! (The site wouldn't let me say it only once !)
  • Bosch for certain.

    We wash even our full loads on half load (savees water, saves the planet, saves Me money!) and I think I've only ever had to rinse a couple of baking trays which had food stuck on them. Our previous 2 dishwashers weren't even half as efficient. It's quiet too.
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    We had a Bosch from new for almost 20 years with only one breakdown - broken wire in the door.
    Replaced it with a Siemens 3 years ago, principally because of the free 5 year warranty. This is much quieter and quicker any washes better, but perhaps that is progress. Unfortunately, the Siemens baskets are not as practical for our dishes (pasta plates) as the old Bosch ones, so do try in the shop before you buy.
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    Have a look at the Which reports, usually a good guide.
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    we've just had a john lewis model installed - it is brilliant, really really quiet and brilliant design - seems to be really easy to load and stack....highly recommended....
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