Car hire, pick up Canada drop off USA

I was wondering if anyone's had any experience picking up a hire car in Canada and dropping it off in the USA. I need to do a one way trip from Toronto to southwest Michigan at the start of August, and when I try this on the major car hire companies websites they all say they're sold out. Now I can't imagine any car hire company is out of cars 3 months in advance... So before I start wasting my money on calls to the US, I was wondering if anyone has done something similar in the past and if it's possible.


  • I briefly looked into this and I believe you can cross the border in a rental but cannot drop it off, the car must be dropped off at any office in the original country of hire.
    An intnernal flight maybe less of a headache.
  • dzugdzug Forumite
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    I believe it can be possible, but only between major cities near the border. 'Southwest Michigan' probably doesn't qualify. Chicago MAY.

    I've seen Toronto - Boston mentioned as possible for example.
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    Many thanks guys. We've got pretty good prices to go by Amtrak but it takes 36 hours (including stopover in Chicago, which is cool), flights are too expensive for us so was going for car hire as outside possibility. If anyone has any other info on how this could be done tho would be greatly appreciated!
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    It is possible if close to the border where exactly in 'Southwest Michigan' ?
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