HIya we currently have virgin media but are moving to a non cable area, found a company (digitalworld) through ebay and spoke with Martin from there this morning, He is quoting £64 upfront payment for 1 sky +box and 1 standard box including install but when i spoke with sky they are £99 plus £30 install online or £149 plus £30 install over the phn!! Told them am a new customer planning to take out movies and multiroom but they just say that if i choose to go with a cheaper service then thats up to me but any problems dont call them!! The ebay shop still offer the same 12 m warranty as sky do and they then contact sky to send out your viewing cards so still is with sky?!

What else are my options as freeview or bt vision dont appear to have many channels.

As a side point i have old boxes from my old address/name and there is already a dish on the new house but prev girl has cut the cables inside?:confused:.

Also sorry to sound dim but whats freesat?
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    you can get Sky as a 75 quid package deal from Dixons, including installation and first 4 months 'normal' subscription free - after 4 months, you can either go to whatever package you want, or cancel but still receive all the Sky-broadcast free to air channels (a significant amount - the Sky box will receive standard free-to-air and will decode those encrypted by Sky for free too, even after cancelling the subscription package)

    That deal for the Sky+ and 1 spare including install seems a pretty good bargain if you're after a premium package.

    Too be honest, I'm in the same boat - no signal here, but damned if I'll pay for Virgin's shoddy service, so I've plugged a free satellite receiver (30 quid, maplins) into the existing dish and cable - if yours is cut, it's dead easy to reconnect - the lead is basically normal TV lead with a screw-on 2 piece connector rather than the standard 3 section thing for aerials. The only downside to mine is, I'm pointing at the Sky satellite but because I don't have a Sky box, I can't see the 'coded' free channels :(

    Details here: http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/editorial/Sky%20Offer

    Freesat isn't currently on air, but I believe it will be broadcasting standard 'freeview' as well as the free to air satellite channels from various countries - check digitalspy.co.uk for any details.
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    Freesat is being launched apparently next month. For a one off fee for box and installation you get free channels and HD from BBC and ITV. Pvrs come out in the Summer to record like sky+
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