Barclaycard free travel insurance and holiday booking service

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Hi guys,

Recently, I wanted to cancel my BC (after 0% offer had ended), but was persuaded to stay after being told I would get free travel insurance and they would knock 5% off the price of my holiday.

I said to the girl that I always shopped for the best deals on my holiday and that I would get the lowest possible quote first and then come to BC and get the 5% off, she said "yes that's fine, we can do that".

I was just wondering if this is all as good as it sounds and if anyone has had any experience with this service as yet. It is the only reason I am staying with BC.

They won't drop my interest rate (it's 24.9%), but that doesn't bother me as I pay the balance in full every month.

Looking forward to hearing everyones experiences.

All the best

Johnny Maynard


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    I think I'd ask for that in writing! This is an offer that they used to do but dropped some while ago. May well be you've struck lucky but I'd like either to have it in writing or phone back, ask for a manager, note the name and ask the same question. I've always found BC to be superb at honouring what they say.
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    I think they use Thomas Cook for the travel service, and then knock 5% of the price and offer the free travel insurance.

    So if your holiday is one you can buy through thomas cook, who claim to be competitive for flights etc, then the Barclaycard offer should, in principle, be good value.

    However, they won't be knocking 5% of ryanair flights or internet deals on accommodation and car hire that are not available through thomas cook.

    Best idea is probably to book flights through them where 5% should be fairly good deal on mainstream charter and scheduled flights, then book your accommodation and car hire through the web or direct.

    Depends on what the terms of the insurance offer are I guess. Whether you have to book a complete package or whether just the flights is enough to qualify.

    Smile :), it makes people wonder what you have been up to.
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