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A friend at work rents privately. on her AST her landlord has given a mailing address in england. is this ok or should the landlord give his home address?

Also her tenancy ends in 3 months and she is moving on. She is paying the council tax (3 instalments). As these instalments are a contribution to 2008/09, but payable in 10 parts, is she entitled to a partial refund for front loading?
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    The landlord has to give a UK address through which they can be contacted in emergencies. Often an agent's address.

    When she leaves, she should only pay council tax up to the precise day that she leaves. No more. Any overpayment she can reclaim, so keep evidence of her end date.

    When her tenancy ends, it is not necessary for her to give notice to the landlord. However, it is common courtesy to advise them soonest that it is your intention to move out. This gives the landlord time to make preparations for getting a replacement tenant or to schedule in repairs/etc.

    However, your friend is entitled to quiet enjoyment until the very last day she is there so if the landlord wants to be a nuisance and have her let in workmen, agents, viewers, then it is at her discretion whether to allow these or not. Whether she decides to will depend on her invidual feelings and circumstances.
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    instalments are payble on 1 may, 1 june, 1 july.

    from what she said she moves out at the end of july. her council tax is for april 2008 to march 2009 but payable in the first 10 months.

    she is unclear (and I couldnt help her), but is she entitled to a refund of part of her council tax as she feels she is paying in the first three months for a bill higher than had it been evenly spread.

    or is she as the tenant liable for it as it is due?
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    She will receive a refund from the council if she pops into the council tax office. In fact she may even be able to sort it out over the phone.

    And to clarify, she will need to give her landlord a months notice, even on an AST as the assumption is that at the end of the period it will automatically continue.
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    SquatNow wrote: »
    ..........And to clarify, she will need to give her landlord a months notice, even on an AST as the assumption is that at the end of the period it will automatically continue.

    This is not the case. If the Tenant intends moving out on the date that the Fixed Term comes to an end there is no obligation to give the LL any notice: the Tenancy Agreement would only roll onto a Periodic if you overstayed the Fixed Term (although as Pastures New has said it’s common courtesy to let the LL know that you’ll be going) :smiley:
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