metal guttering maintenance

We have metal guttering round the house and we want to make it last and fix any leaks whats the best way to cover the whole guttering and repair/remove rust

We did have a few leaks last year and we used bitumen mastic round the joints but we think it needs some the whole length. Oh and we still have another leak abet not as bad has last year



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    Sounds like its time to replace to me. If you patch it up your only going to need to do again sooner or later. Black plastic guttering is pretty cheap and it'll probably save you time and hassle in the long run. The alternative is rub down, rust killer, prime, undercoat and topcoat which is all very labourious and it might still leak at the end of it all!

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    Thanks I wanted to get a another year or two out of them, as I want to have them and the wooden beams that stick out that hold the roof covered in plastic my neighbour hard there's done and it looks nice
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    A good metal paint fore this type of thing is Hammerite. But Andrew b is right - why put off the inevitable? If the gutters continue to leak, they may cause problems with damppenetrating the walls etc which may cost more to rectify than the cost of new gutters.
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    I am mainly putting it off due to cash flow, and other priorities

    It barely leaks tbh its more a nuisance as its above a outside tap where I get access to and water can sit there for a while even when it dont rain for a day or so. I also get a little drip between the gutter and the tiles in one place when it rains heavy I suspect a odd tile may have slipped.

    I am more concerned about repairing the odd tiles and the replacing the ridge tiles that are badly weathered although aren't falling off. I plan to get them done later this year

    I want to get the guttering replaced at some stage with plastic along with putting upvc between the guttering and the rendering on the house. I have wooden painted beams protruding out which I like covered in plastic
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