I Need Help With Zero Bidding Threatening To Get Me Struck Off

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Hi can anyone out there help on this I am going to go mad soon ! right shortish story - I purchased a track suit from a seller - could see it would be too big for my son (xmas pressy) so re listed it - a no feed back person won it - (10.00 cheaper than I'd paid for it) right this is where the 'fun' starts - e mails saying he hasn't got money yet can he pay the next week - no payment arrives - I mail him do you still want item - he mails me back - when did I say I never wanted it - you'll get you money when I have it - great !! anyway money arrives - yes cash - a week later - e mails me have you sent it coz he wants it for Friday - yes I sent it same day - he mails can I leave him feed back now I have his money - I was going to do it with the others at the weekend so never - anyway 2 days later he mails me saying I robbed him as track top was ripped and a ribbon missing - I said that is impossible it was brand new not even tried on - he wants his money back or he is going to get me struck off - I mail him saying send me back the track suit and if I am convinced he has not tampered with it I will give a full refund - he then says he has washed it aswell as it smelt like someone had been running in it for a week - excuse me but this is now getting silly - I tell him this is impossible as it is brand new - I tell him perhaps he should be contacting the manufactor of the washing machine rather than me - he says no it was ripped before he washed it !! what is this guy on - I have now refused him a refund and he is saying he is giving me 4 days to return his money or half of it or he will get me struck off - I am a ebayer with well over 500 feed backs (all good) and bought this from an ebayer with over 400 feed backs so we are not new to ebay - I am just so peed off with it all - I would just give him a full refund to get rid of him but if you see the emails he has been sending you would understand why - I have looked for a contact on ebay that you can go to in cases like this but it's automated - Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them - should be fun seeing what he has to say in todays e mails !!! :mad: :mad: :mad:


  • No way would I give him a refund .
    If you haven't left feedback already neg him and if he does the same to you then just reply .
    Buyers will realise by the rest of your good feedback that this particular buyer is the problem.
    I would also block his id from bidding on any more of your auctions and just ignore his e-mails.
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    neg him and take any retaliatory neg on the chin,
    also contact ebay about the abusive emails

    if he gets struck off, your negs from him will get removed
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    Since the buyer paid cash, they have no protection through ebay. You have been quite reasonable to offer a refund if he returns the tracksuit. If he doesn't accept that, then apart from leaving negative feedback, there is nothing he can do. As bleugh suggests, I would report him to ebay for harassing you and ignore any further emails.
  • I agree with trinny, I have a feedback score of 160 (in 4 months), what's the worst he can do, leave you one neg feedback. You can then respond, he could then respond but he will prob not be aware of that.

    It's a real pain to get neg feedback when you know you don't deserve it, I would ask yourself if it is worth £20 (or whatever the item is worth) to buy yourself out of it. I don't think it will damage any future business one bit.

    Let us know what the outcome is.
  • Ignore him.
    It is obviously a series of lies.
    (He may well have ripped it the first time he wore it or when it was washed after wearing it.)

    Even if it was damaged eBay is going to ignore him. They have no interest in situations like this and cannot recover the money unless it is paid by Paypal.
    - He paid you by cash and thus has no come-back on you.

    EBay is not going to waste any time on him so don't worry about them taking any action (at all).

    The best thing for you to do would be either to completely ignore him (this would be my choice) and block his emails. He sounds so rude that you may need to be aware that he may try to ruin your future auctions so you need to block him from bidding on them.

    If you ignore him then he's not getting the attention he craves and he'll realise that you're not going to give in to his clumsy blackmail attempts.

    Keep all his emails and report any suspicious bidding on your future auctions to eBay.

    Alternatively you could send him a polite factual email, setting out the saga in all detail (including the delays and rudeness), stating that you will not contemplate a refund and that as far as you are concerned that is the end of the matter. (It would be useful to write all this down as a record for yourself anyway).

    - I personally wouldn't send such an email because I suspect he will just see it as a 'challenge' and it may encourage him to continue to be a nuisance.

    Don't worry about feedback from him, keep your feedback factual and it will not damage you.

    By the way, if you don't block his emails (but don't respond to them!) then if he starts to send you threatening and abusive messages you can report him to ebay and they should suspend him from ebay. Once this happens eBay will remove any feedback he has left for you.
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    I agree with all the other suggestions, keep his e mails, if they get nasty report him to ebay for harrassment. Block him from bidding on anything else of yours and ignore him. Certainly don't refund him now, he had his opportunity and he blew it, I think you've been a good seller in this instance but have come up against a strange buyer, we all get them occasionally.

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