advice on repossed house

i have made a offer on a repossed house the full asking price but we made the offer a week ago and still have not heard anything back the morgage lender that has the house is just not getting back to the estate agents and we dont no what to do we love the house but have to move out of the one we live in in 3 weeks we have all morgage set up and are first time buyers does anyone know what could be going on our morgage is all set up and we are ready to move


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    Mortgage lenders can be either really good at getting back to EA's or a nightmare. The longest we have had to wait for a reply on an offer is nine weeks. It can usually take a week to get an answer, in my experience.

    Usually the lender uses a management company to handle the sale, so the agent is likely to be dealing with another party, rather than direct with the lender.
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