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My 18 month old daughter has excema over her shoulders and chest, which is obviously really itchy and irritating for her. My health visitor has been less than helpful (read "useless"), and the doctor seems to be at a loss too.

Today I went to see my local "Dr & Herbs" chinese medicine lady, and she advised a few things (some sort of drink that she is to take twice a day, a ginseng and royal jelly cream, and specially blended herbs to infuse for a bath). I didnt actually buy anything, as I am not 100% sure of the best thing to do. I am not keen on giving my daughter anything internally.

Has anyone used Dr & Herbs/similar? Can anyone give me any feedback?


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    MSE_Martin wrote:
    I think it is important for me to clarify exactly what is and what isn't permissible on this board.

    What it is for

    This board is a discussion of all issues surrounding health, diet, nutrition and how they relate to MoneySaving. Discussing medical insurance policies, cheaper ways to see consultants, cashback for alternative health treatments, how to get specific medication cheaper (legally) are all perfectly acceptable forms of discussion.

    What it is not for

    It is very specifically and strictly not for the discussion of what to do in the event of certain medical problems. Please do not ask questions about this. If you're having problems use facilities such as NHS direct and your doctor to go and talk through what you should do.

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